Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pet food update

Who runs Menu Foods, responsible for the poison pet food debacle? Robert Luba, formerly the director for a hazardous waste company called Safety-Kleen. The company went bankrupt due to financial hugger-mugger, leaving various states with the problem of cleaning up massive toxic messes.

Here's a list -- and it is a grim list indeed -- of the problems at Safety Kleen under Luba's management.

The company died owing $1.6 billion. And Luba walked right into another high-paying gig. Meanwhile, if you fall behind on rent, you'll have an eviction on your record that will keep most landlords from considering you. Moral of the story: When you reach a certain level of society, failure carries no penalty.
Right on, Joseph. The CEO of the company for which I worked pushed for the acquisition of a smaller company, which cost our company six billion dollars. The purchase proved to be a colossal failure, and after a year we couldn't even sell the acquired company for two billion. In effect, our CEO lost over four billion dollars in that single error of judgment. Yet he's still CEO, still flying in his corporate jet, still applauded at stockholder meetings.

HE LOST FOUR BILLION DOLLARS! But a co-worker of mine was fired for pocketing, I kid you not, a single dollar. It's zero tolerance for those near the bottom, infinite tolerance for those at the top.
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