Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Israeli racism, part 2

So, what do you think of my little contribution to the art of the political poster?

This is my variant of a popular anti-GOP piece -- and I will be quite amused to hear someone argue that such a tactic is permissible against the American government but never, ever against the Israeli government. (If you have such an argument welling up within you, by all means offer it. Strained rationalization is one of my favorite forms of humor.)

I like to think that my version is a bit more professional than the anti-W effort, on a purely technical level. The original Nazi work, incidentally, was not a political poster per se but an advertisement for a film called S.A. Mann Brand.

While ferreting out the original , I discovered what must be the all-time most hilarious bit of fascist propaganda imagery, reprinted below and to the right. Kinda looks like Heinrich is congratulating Fritz for winning the dress-your-doggy contest on Project Runway, doesn't it?

Admittedly, that sidelight has no direct bearing on our present subject, but I just had to share it.

Our present subject is racism. This blog was accused of it by Israeli apologists (or rather, by "megaphonies") because the doctor and I dared to use the phrases "our Jewish brethren" and "of Jewish extraction." Speaking as someone who is of Italian extraction, I can tell you that no-one in my family would have considered taking offense at that phrase. And to be called a brother hardly qualifies as racism.

("But," someone out there may want to say, "it's different with the Jews than with the Italians!" Different how? Please, hit me with any strained rationalizations that might occur to you. I need the laffs.)

For real racism, the institutionalized kind, the kind backed by power, go to Israel. Here's a snippet from an earlier posting, which I beg my critics to double-check:
As I've noted before, former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky's book By way of Deception reveals that Palestinian captives were subjected to human experimentation at Israel's Nes Ziyyona facility, which is devoted to studying chemical, bacteriological and radiological warfare. In the 1950s, the Israelis conducted massive radiological experiments on Sephardic Jews. In the year 2000, an Israeli medical journal published an article bearing the ominous title "Human experimentation in the Israel Defence Forces--between the hammer of necessity and the anvil of ethics"; it remains untranslated.
Experimentation on unwilling human subjects, chosen because they did not conform to the Azhkenazi model. Can't get much more racist than that, can you?

(Hey, megaphonies -- rethinking your tactics, yet?)
Great poster, I want one!!! But damn Joe, hope your in good hands, if you know what I mean.
The piece I did is roughly 3 X4 1/4 inches at 300 dpi, which won't blow up to actual poster size very well. If you click on the image you will access a larger version, which you may reproduce anywhere.
In Benkovitz's Familiar Quotations Meyer Lansky is credited with "Leave the gun, take the gefilte fish".
Have you ever been to Israel, to see it for yourself?

Maybe you should learn about a topic, before you start to talk about it...
Gee, you think they'll let me tour the Nes Ziyyona facility? Alas, Israelis can't learn about that -- for Victor Ostrovsky's books are banned there.
Yeah Joe, Michael's right-- unless you had your foreskin cut off in a ritual you have no right to talk about erez yisroyal... ha ha ha (like most people who go to israel for one of those zionist tours actualy see anything...).

See Joe, you're not like some ensconced priviledged american who's made alliyah (the pseudo religious term for moving back to israel --before the moshiach has returned!!). you don't have a blog basing all your "truths" on CNN and "jihad watch" don't get up in arms about Chlorine gas attacks (er, what do our Oleh friends say about Depleted Uranium? What do they say about all those chermical weapons used in Lebanon last year? or to the US using white phosphorus bombs? oh i guess thats nothing compared to TERRORISTS USING CHOLRINE!!!!) oh right... if we dont live there, eat falafel an dpray at the wall not th emosque then we have no right to discuss it...
I'd wonder what your earlier commenter David Stern would say.

Is that a picture he'd hang on his wall?

Would you object if I made that same poster with an Islamic crescent?
I was going to cut you off, bin bin. But something like this isn't such a bad idea, if, for example, you can get the words "genocide" and "Darfur" in there.

Ain't gonna do your Photoshopping for you, of course.
Funny - I'm not reading any rationalizations, strained or otherwise, here in the comments.

Keep up the good work, Cannon. In a way, I'm sorry it took this sort of topic to keep you around, but I'm relieved you're staying.

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