Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Has W pissed off the Saudis?

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah at an Arab summit, called for an end to the Palestinian blockade. Then he bowed out of a big-deal state dinner at the White House that had been scheduled for April 16. This, despite the fact that he is a Bush family friend, and despite the fact that he can't really come up with a good excuse for non-attendance.

Even the Saudis are treating Dubya as though he were radioactive!
Relationships run deep and so does greed. As Bush has shown with his cronies (the ones he has thrown overboard) power and greed always win over loyalty. Iranians play the game of Chess (literally and politically) very well and isn't International politics just a continous chess game? Here is one point of view.
"Iran ahead of the game-for now" by Kaveh Afrasiabi at
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