Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another pet food controversy

I feel a little odd using this blog to talk about dog food, what with all the political scandals going down -- but these days, political scandals are like buses: Wait an hour and a new one will come along.

At any rate, this dog blog reports anecdotal problems with Nutro Max DRY, which is not a recalled product and not manufactured by Menu foods. Nutro Max happens to be the kibble I used to feed my own fearsome hound, until I read that phenobarbitol had been discovered in certain types of Nutro dry. That report has been questioned, but apparently the FDA did mention Nutro in a report on phenobarb contamination.

At present, the issue seems to be tainted wheat. That was the problem with the Menu (wet) product, but one would expect dry food producers to seek out the lowest priced ingredients as well.

I am not saying that Nutro contains toxins; anecdotal reports are, of course, unreliable. But I do advise pet owners to watch this story. As always, consider making your own.

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