Friday, February 16, 2007

More on the Jewish conspiracy to make you think the Earth moves

Turns out Georgia Representative Ben Bridges has distanced himself from the memo that bears his name (see below). It was put out by Texas House Appropriations Chairman Warren Chisum, who apologized after receiving complaints from the ADL.

Molly Ivins discusses Chisum here -- and it's pretty damn funny. You'll have to scroll ahead seven minutes to get to Chisum; the first part is about dildos. You will see Chisum on the floor of the Texas House, arguing in favor of making anal sex (hetero and homo) illegal. It's a "bad practice," sez he, for both the religious community and the health community. Molly's last line is priceless.

Of course, them dang ol' Jewish Kabbalists paid her to say that.

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