Monday, February 12, 2007

American Fascists

Brad displays a lecture by Chris Hedges, author of American Fascists. I thought I would direct your attention toward the interview above, which is even more dynamic and frightening.

Hedges has remarkable things to say about the nature of Fascism and the likelihood of Dominionism coming to the fore. Just about every sentence he utters is filled with insight -- especially when he notes that parts of America now look like a Third World country. The economic despair of the working class is precisely what fosters the demand for extra-rational solutions (or non-solutions) to life's problems -- and that's where the theocrats see their chance to take control.

If you see one YouTube video today, see this one -- and then buy the book. Alas, one thing Hedges does not give us (either in this interview or in his volume) is a solution.
Wow Mr. Hedges sure seems to have his finger firmly placed on this issue. I happen to understand and agree with him in this interview. These fascists have totally discriminated against me since I am ill. Don't ever get tick bitten in America, then you become a leper in a ditch to these fascists and overnight, America will turn into a third world country . I live it everday and this man is so on the money it is frightening Cannon.... you are correct
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