Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yes surge, no surge

Bush has told Maliki: "No extra troops unless you start doing your part." Now we learn that Mailiki told Bush: "But we don't want any more of your troops!" As Joy Tomme puts it:
So, watch out Mr. Prime Minister, if you don’t obey Crazy George, he’s not going to give you something you don’t want.
The Dems spouted similar nonsense about the need to practice "tough love" with the Iraqis who have come running to us for help. Why can't we be honest enough to admit that the people of that country want us out?


Anonymous said...

Precisely right. As soon as the US occupation force is out of Iraq, nationalistic Iraqis are certain to repudiate whatever oil agreements and structures were put in place by US and UK oil companies. That is something nearly all Iraqis will be able to agree on, regardless of their ethnic or religious identification. The US has no natural allies within Iraq, and never did. Even Chalabi was not very trustworthy, but had zero support from the rest of the expat's countrymen. The US will be compelled to pull out troops in the same surprise and sudden maneuver it did in Vietnam to avoid having its retreating troops shot at on their way out. The US and UK will then be compelled to sever economic and diplomatic relations with whatever Iraqi government can establish stability (which will be difficult).

The Bush regime does not really want to withdraw ever from Iraq. It would represent the termination of the US taxpayer and miliary's subsidization of our oil/gas industry ("Big Oil").

Anonymous said...

George ORWELL Bush... love it Cannon... he is not going to give you something you don't want hahahahah
Bush is an exercise in backwards for sure. Take the Medicare drug plan. They are cutting seniors and disabled off from meds again this year since they can. The premium for this type of insurance that always says NO is really a TAX-
Bush... our Orwell President

Anonymous said...

Oh, Maliki! Obey Bush. He already plans to have you assasinated.