Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hastergate update

First, let me clarify my stance on "outing": I don't like it. The private actions of consenting adults never bothered me, and if those adults prefer not to discuss private matters, fine. But when gay men attain political power within an anti-gay party by appealing to anti-gay voters -- a line has been crossed.

Besides, as mentioned previously, Congressman McHenry's smears infuriated me. You won't like me when I'm angry...

I thus present this comment from Mike Rogers' blog. Do not take this claim as verified fact; consider it a suggestion for further research:
If you really want an example of a guy who has a vested interest in Denny keeping his job as Speaker - the guy who should be investigated is John McGovern, Hastert's communications guy and Executive Director of his PAC (KOMPAC).

McGovern takes in over $14,000 a month running Hastert's PAC, plus his salary with the Speaker's Office, and his various "consulting fees" from various candidates/organizations. For example, the Illinois Republican Party pays McGovern $5,000 a month for communication consulting -according to FEC filings.)

And by the way, McGovern's homosexuality is also an open secret in Illinois.
Mainstream news sources have confirmed that House Speaker Dennis Hastert lives with his Chief of Staff Scott Palmer and Deputy Chief of Staff Mike Stokke in D.C. We know that Hastert's wife stays in a hotel when she is in town. Internet sources -- but no printed sources known to me -- have identified Palmer as gay; he has never been married.

And yet the Jesus voters continue to believe that Republican pols are all missionary-only straights and Democratic politicians are sexually abnormal.

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