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Is a "spooky" CULT behind "The Path to 9/11"?

Someone funneled $40 million (that's the figure currently being mentioned) to Disney in order to broadcast a lying mockudrama on the ABC network -- sans commercials or any known sponsor. Who?

The impetus -- and perhaps the cash -- seems to have come from a bizarre Christian cult called Youth With a Mission (YWAM), founded in the 1960 by Loren Cunningham, father to David Cunningham, the film's director. A fine researcher over at Democratic Underground found a page linked to YWAM which inlcuded a very revealing paragraph:
Starting in July, along with our 'normal' discipleship efforts in YWAM, we will officially join The Film Institute - a new auxiliary branch of Youth With A Mission focused on tranforming film and television from the inside out. TFI's first project is a doozy: simply being referred to as: The Untitled History Project, it is already being called the television event of the decade and not one second has been put to film yet. Talk about great expectations!
The miniseries was called Untitled History Project during production; the production company was called UHP Productions. Tellingly, the web site containing this information went missing the moment "outsiders" discovered it.

YWAM has many of the attributes of a dangerous mind control cult. Not only that: Preliminary web research indicates that YWAM has long had both far-right political ambitions and "spooky" links.

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The following comes from the Rick Ross entry on YWAM:

Further information surfaced concerning YWAM in the book "Spiritual Warfare" written by Sarah Diamond published in 1989. It seems that YWAM has sought political influence. Specifically, active participation in the so-called "Anatole Fellowship" later reorganized as the "Christian Public Policy Council". Ron Boehme of YWAM was an executive committee member in 1985. The group sought "to gain influence within the Republican Party" and later in a 1987 meeting discussed "electrical strategies" with "South Africa, Nicaragua and El Salvador (page 130)".

Further political involvement is evident through a meeting (June 1982) with an aide to Rios Montt, former dictator of Guatemala and a small group of so-called "Christian Right" leaders. This group included Loren Cunningham, head of YWAM. Montt was a leader in Gospel Outreach's Guatemalan Verbo Church. Gospel Outreach is based in California. Rios Montt traveled extensively throughout the United States on a speaking tour put together by leadership of the "Christian Right" (pages 164-167). The regime of General Rios Montt (1982-83) was later accused and exposed for its crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity. One complaint filed by survivors states that more than 1,000 people were murdered in 11 village massacres between March and December of 1982 within Guatemala.

Third World missionaries for YWAM may travel at personal, risk perhaps due to these political involvement. In 1987, six white YWAM missionaries were held captive by RENAMO (a South African backed guerrilla force) after several attempts, they were "rescued". It is unclear whether they were kidnapped, or "removed for their own protection" by RENAMO. "News reports indicated an alliance between elements of the Christian Right and RENAMO (pages 198-200)."
In the mid-1980s, The Christian Century published a series of exposes on Christian missionary groups which provided cover for CIA agents in thrid world nations. YWAM certainly seems to fit the profile.

The bloodthirsty Rios Montt was placed into power by the CIA. The following will give you some idea of the sort of fellow he was and is:
The generals also unleashed a scorched earth attack on the nation's Mayan population that, according to a UN commission, resulted in the annihilation of at nearly 600 villages. Within 18 months, more than 19,000 people had perished at the hands of Ríos Montt 's death squads. The killings continued even after Ríos Montt was eased from office in 1983. By 1990, more than 200,000 people had died in Guatemalan's bloody civil war, with more than 90 percent of the dead killed by government forces. Of those, more than 83 percent were indigenous Mayans.
Also see Robert Parry's piece here.

Worth noting: The Path to 9/11 is one of the very few Hollywood productions ever to receive permission to film at CIA headquarters.

The financing of YWAM remains mysterious.

You may want to check out this testimony: "Saturated in Abuse at YWAM Maui," as well as this expose of YWAM's connections with the controversial Binny Hinn. Jaded heathen though I may be, I was certainly struck by these words: "When "Christians" start marching around cities, making little icons (voodoo dolls?) of churches and pastors to "visualize" them better..."

I wonder if director Cunningham carried around a voodoo doll of Dad?

Better question: How the hell did the crazies of YWAM hook up with Disney? Considering the fact that Disney is one of hte most gay-friendly workplaces in the United States, and thus despised by the fundamentalist right, the match would seem -- well, very strange indeed.


Anonymous said...

You're asking the right questions.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Almost all of the YWAM web sites, seem to quote the CIA fact book. Not damning in it's own right, but well, could be something.

Anonymous said...

anon, what facts seem to be quoted? and if you're looking for more interesting info on them, google for "ywam cult".

Anonymous said...

The CIA fact book. It is basicaly an updated (by the CIA) list of contries and thier historic/current socio-polital situations. YWAM seems to have a site for every country that they operate out of. Every one of these sites quotes the CIA fact book on that particular country. This would on the face seem quite ordinary. However in looking at other missionary organizations web sites. Most don't quote the CIA fact book. Just a though, but if YWAM is CIA, then it would make sence that when needing reference for web content, one would instintualy go to the resources that they are well awre of (i.e. thier own organizations readily available '"fact book").

Anonymous said...

It been known that spooks have infiltrated and used Christianity as cover for other things:

Fred Chrismon
David Ferrie

*cough, cough*

Wally Hilliard

Check out madcow:

Anonymous said...

edit -- (due to fat fingers)

Just a thought, but if YWAM is CIA, then it would make sense that when needing reference for web content, one would instinctualy go to the resources that they are well aware of (i.e. thier own organizations readily available "fact book").

Anonymous said...

-Taking away the crap, there seems to be a lot of information gathered here.. really, I'm not very sure , but..

Anonymous said...

Maybe we would've learned about this link sooner if we had attended the August 7th lecture that was part of the YWAM Harpenden re:Engage program:

Monday 7 August
20:00 David Cunningham
Christ like witness in the Film Industry

Unfortunately, his address isn't available as a feedburner podcast; maybe someone with iTunes can check its availability there.

It's a shame, 'cause I always wanted to learn how to polylogue...

Anonymous said...

Follow the Money...

It was not just the $40 mil production cost... It was also the lost ad revenue. Were affiliates compensated for their lost commercial time? Probably yes - and by ABC (should not be too hard to find out).

As a public company, Disney can't make this sort of outflow of cash without a paper trail and an adequate explanation to their shareholders.

I'm leaning towards the notion that in was a five hour paid political spot by a RNC proxy. Breaks all PAC laws but it's the only thing that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

On Thursday, September 14, 2006, University of The Nations and Youth With A Mission issued the following official statements:

"Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a non profit, international and interdenominational Christian organization. We are responsible for hundreds of health clinics, orphanages and schools around the world. We have a special emphasis on the developing world and are completely staffed by unpaid volunteers from 150 nations.

We are not affiliated with any American political party and have no political agenda in that or any nation. We had no part in any funding of the ABC mini series THE PATH TO 9/11.
John Dawson, President of Youth With A Mission International Auckland, New Zealand"

"University of the Nations is a an international University with campuses in over 100 countries. It is affiliated with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and has a special emphasis on bringing education to the developing world. Alumnus David Cunningham has opened doors for many of our film students. One of those opportunities was an internship for 6 of our students on the set of the mini series THE PATH TO 9/11. Our students had the privilege to observe parts of the production phase of the movie David directed.

We have not contributed financially at any level to the TV movie THE PATH TO 9/11 and don't have any political affiliations in the many countries where our branches are located.
Dr Thomas Bloomer PHD University of the Nations Provost Office of Academic Affairs Lausanne, Switzerland"

Kurmudge said...

I have one question for all of you here, starting with the blogger, extending to most of the comments.

Are you all out of your minds? And is there anyone here remaining sane enough to be able to recognize that diagnosis?

Some brave soul infers that because YWAM quotes from the CIA Fact Book (the single best compendium of international geopolitical data out there. and it's free) it is a CIA front.

This is too good. It proves (again) that the Left has gone so far around the bend that no one is remaining who isn't equally nuts.

Hey, psst, pass it on- Bush and Cheney blew up the WTC on 9-11, but everyone is keeping the conspiracy a secret!

This reminds me of the John Birch wackos so well described in the movie "Cold Turkey".

Patrick said...

More info on YWAM

Anonymous said...

Where are these stupid fiction comments coming from? YWAM a cult? hogwash. They are a missionary school. 911 was a film, agree or not stop the witch hunt. the actual path that led to 911 we will never know, but to blame disney, abc and ywam??? come on. How political can you go? watch it, leave it but why make false statements about people and organizations? It makes me wanna see it again to see what I missed.

Anonymous said...

I loved the movie, great acting and made me think that our great country is fallable. So becasue of that we all jump on a mystic bandwagon? hahahha. D cunningham did a great job and the writing was terrific. Have you ever seen a movie based on true events word for word accurate? They filled in theblanks quite well. And the opposition is mad so they are pulling out all the weapons . BAD LOOSERS!

Patrick said...

"We had no part in any funding of the ABC mini series THE PATH TO 9/11."
John Dawson, President of Youth With A Mission International Auckland, New Zealand

How can he say that when on Sept 5th it is posted on the YWAM Founder's Site:

"Mark Harris spoke following Braulia and showed a DVD clip by film director David L. Cunningham, who together with others has formed a YWAM auxiliary called The Film Institute (TFI). One goal of TFI is to fast-track UofN School of Digital Film interns, placing them within the film industry, not to give them jobs, but so that they can begin to impact and transform Hollywood from the inside out.",+YWAM&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=5

Anonymous said...

If you actually research and educate yourself on charity organizations, you will see that YWAM always operates in the negative...also, the average age for YWAMer's is 18-23. From what I have found to be true is that YWAM should stand for
Youth Without Any Money. Get a grip.

sara-loo said...

ywam is anything but a cult. people come and go as they please, the only long term commitment that they are obligated to are the ones that they commit to in the first place. plus, no one has money. if someone wants to earn money, they go off of the ywam base that they are at and get a job. but even loren cunningham himself has been poor since the organization started nearly 50 years ago. for any ywam mission people have to pay their own way. this isn't to be mean -- it's just because ywam has no money!!
plus, david cunningham was hired after the movie was written and ready to go. he was not hired because he was once apart of ywam -- it's because he's rediculously talented!! "to end all wars" is a movie he directed that has kiefer sutherland in it. is kiefer sutherland a right-winged cult follower that has a secret agenda because he was in one of cunningham's movies? and, by all of your logic, is everyone on the show '24' out to change the world's view of government towards ywam's views because kiefer was in it? is it all a big cia investigation? OF COURSE NOT!!!!
david cunningham is a regular director who happens to come from an interesting background. seriously.... get a grip

sara-loo said...

go here... seriously. lets see the other side -- that's the only fair thing

itspoetry said...

I've done two schools with YWAM. The first was to learn more about God, and get a feel for missions.
The last was a school to learn how to do community development. I learned how to write needs assessment and other types of reports. I also learned the basics of building some water pumps, sanitary toilets, and other technological aids to help poor communities.
Sorry, but YWAM is not a front for the CIA. I have many friends in the organization. They're all normal people and from a staggeringly diverse array of backgrounds and nations.

Anonymous said...

I was involved with YWAM for many, many years & it does not surprise me if they did fund this movie. YWAM's finances are very shady and they require more money from the students than what is necessary for the programs. I personally believe YWAM is a cult and it has done a lot of damage to many young adults.

Anonymous said...

YWAM is a cult - absolutely NO doubt about that - And i speak from knowing a person who has been sucked into their world & has had his brain well and truly brainwashed. YWAMs main aim is to make money & suck in more fodder.

I'm Sarah. said...

One of my cousins is involved in YWAM and her reports from Southern Africa are so scary. What can the family do to get her out of this organization? Any advice would be appreciated.

Joseph Cannon said...

Sarah, I am not sure how to answer you. Also keep in mind that this is a old post, so nobody is reading this thread any more. That said, I could well revisit this subject.

If you see this, could you drop me a line at my email address (listed at the top of this page)? I'd like to know more about these reports you have received.



ThirstyJon said...

I'm having a good chuckle reading this article and the follow up comments.

You should probably research YWAM a little better. All the YWAMers that I've ever known have been pretty much BROKE. I can't imagine YWAM coming up with the money to fund such a film. Most YWAM centers live in a constant state of financial crisis.

If YWAM is in it for the money they are really not very good at what they are doing.

I suspect that maybe YWAM is more into evangelism and mercy ministries, just as they say they are.


Anonymous said...

This is laughable. I have worked with Youth With A Mission for 22 years and to say that they are involved with the CIA...well I am rolling on the floor laughing. They have better things to do than act as a front for the CIA. I wish David Cunningham would read this. Pretty sure he'd get a pretty big chuckle out of the absurdity of this. I have known him since he was a young boy and through his journey, YWAM has never funded any of his film. Check your facts mate.

Unknown said...

I was on staff at YWAM for many years and the more serious issue is the "free for all" doctrinally than anything else.