Thursday, August 10, 2006

Now let me get this straight (so to speak)

Apparently, we are supposed to consider Ned Lamont outside the mainstream because he opposes a war despised by the vast majority of Americans and Iraqis. Just how did the "mainstream" become so damned elite?

I enourage everyone to read this important Kos diary by lauptifer exposing the fake "hack attack" on Lieberman's web site.
Remember the accusations that Lieberman and his people made regarding his site being hacked? At one point, while investigating bogus reports of email services being down, SmokeyMonkey from DailyKos noticed that someone was changing the DNS / MX records for the Lieberman camp -- adjustments they were making themselves, not as a result of any hack attack. Added in the full functionality of the other sites that are based on and hosted from the same server, and the smoke begins to rise.
Obviously, we're dealing with another Rovian trick -- a variant of the classic "bug yourself and blame the enemy" routine.

Lauptifer uncovers other potential shennanigans involving a domain called (and .net No actual web pages exist at those addresses at the moment, but the registration looks awfully mysterious.
The ISupportJoe domains have been assigned to the same name servers that help web-surfers make their way to pages of such illustrious RNC favorites as get their Internets service from expert operative Becki Donatelli and Campaign Solutions:
Bottom line: Why would this White House use the "hard Zell" to keep Lieberman in the Senate? I think some internal polling has suggested the possibility that the Republicans could be in trouble in November. Holy Joe may have promised to make his party switch official if doing so would preserve a Republican majority.

By the way, I cannot vouch for for the authenticity of the photo above.


Milo Johnson said...

The photo is a PhotoShop job, debunked a few years ago. Back then, it wasn't even Lieberman kneeling. The real photo is in the steps and the guy behind Bush is a couple feet farther away.

But, it's still amusing...

Anonymous said...

You're right - the photo can't be real...I heard Jeff Gannon refused to pose without a full erection, so they had to use the guy in the back as a "stand in." ;)

Kim in PA

Anonymous said...

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. -- Winston Churchill