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The seedy of Lebanon

I probably shouldn't mention this matter at this time, given the continuing horrors in Lebanon. Frankly, I haven't yet developed my thoughts; what follows is too vague and ill-formed to qualify as a hypothesis, or even as a coherent narrative. That said...

Have you noticed the oddities surrounding certain "Lebanese businessmen"? I am beginning to wonder if an underground Lebanese "mafia" plays an unrecognised role in current affairs...

An earlier post discussed the Lebanese-born Richard Rainwater, a billionaire financier who profits from calamity. Perhaps the greatest calamity he helped to inflict on the world is the presidency of his good friend and financial partner, George W. Bush. Daniel Hopsicker has linked a Rainwater enterprise with the "drug jet" owned by the scam company Skyway.

I asked Hopsicker why a man like Rainwater -- who has made a frightening amount of money from oil, real estate, and cell phone technology -- would take the risk of witting involvement in the drug trade. Hopsicker considered my question naive, as perhaps it was.

The drug jet was discovered on the tarmac of a Mexican airport, under circumstances which still seem mysterious. Someone alerted the Mexican authorities -- which have been known to look the other way, if paid to do so, in other drug smuggling cases. Those same authorities allowed the pilot of the DC-9 to get away, even though the cops had the aircraft surrounded. Naive I may be, but even I don't think that sort of thing happens by accident.

Let us mull over those seemingly-unrelated concepts: Strange doings in Mexico...strange Lebanese businessmen... Do a little googling. What do we come up with?

We soon come face-to-face (and quite a forbidding face it is) with Jean Succar Kuri, a Cancun-based Lebanese businessman who now resides in an Arizona jail. Kuri has been named as the proprietor of a child prostitution ring which supplied sexual playthings -- slaves, essentially -- to the elite. The story is told here; Rigorous Intuition has devoted some fine posts to this vile business.

(To read the rest, click "Permalink" below)

Courageous journalist Lydia Cacho wrote a book on this scandal: The Demons of Eden. The Mexican authorities have severely harassed her and put her in fear of her life. Cacho, arrested on trumped-up charges, now stands accused of libel -- in a country where truth is not considered an absolute defense.

A clandestine telephone recording indicates that Cacho's harassment was arranged, in large part, by another Lebanese businessman in Mexico: Kamel Nacif, who travels in the highest circles of the Mexican government. Nacif, a wealthy and (by all accounts) exploitative and despotic maquiladora owner, seems to have had close ties to Jean Succar Kuri:
In the conversations, the voices identified as those of Nacif and [Puebla governor Mario] MarĂ­n discuss how they had the activist arrested and thrown into a cell with "nutcases and dykes (lesbians)," so that she would be raped. That did not happen, however, because in the prison in Puebla, "the prisoners themselves and the guards protected me," said the writer. But she was mistreated. Cacho described how she was threatened during the nearly 20-hour trip to Puebla and was only allowed to eat once.
From the Casino Watch website:
Mexican textile magnate Kamel Nacif has been a familiar face at Las Vegas gambling tables for some 30 years, using phony identification to wager at Caesars Palace when he was still in his late teens. He remains, however, a bit of a multimillionaire mystery man, long suspected by Nevada Gaming Control Board agents of money laundering and arms and narcotics dealing.
There's more. The Bushes have been tied to yet another shadowy Lebanese clan.

Back in 1982, the Smatt clan -- a wealthy Lebanese family operating in Florida and Jamaica -- became the target of an investigation ("Operation Nimbus") by FBI agent Darlene Novinger, who claimed that evidence linked the clan with drug smuggling. Novinger (who died of cancer in 2003) also believed that "Poppy" Bush and Jeb Bush were involved.
After submitting her report, orders came to cease the investigation and destroy all documents. She said someone in the FBI's Miami office leaked to the traffickers that she had penetrated the operation. Before Operation Nimbus was shut down, veteran US Customs investigator Joe Price filed corroborating reports in September 1983 implicating Bush. And after he did, FBI agents arrested him on a narcotics trafficking charge.
The Smatts, led by paterfamilias William Smatt, were linked to the quasi-fascist Lebanese Phalange -- more properly called the Kataeb Social Democratic Party -- founded by the Gemayel family. The Gemayels have long been accused of running the opium production trade which one thrived in the Bakaa valley.

Even though the Gemayels admired Hitler, Israel had supported the ascension of Bashir Gemayel to the Lebanese presidency in 1982, due to his staunch opposition to the Palestinians and Syria. A pro-Nazi Syrian faction assassinated him soon therafter. Nobody ever said that fascists always get along with each other.

(Alternative theorists suspect that Israel arranged the Gemayel killing because he refused to enter into a formal agreement with the Israelis.)

The William Smatt targeted by Novinger appears to be the same person who wrote a strange book called "The Messiah." This tome proclaims George W. Bush, Republican, to be the Chosen One, the new Christ. I'm not kidding. You must see it to believe it.

(Novinger's Smatt operated out of Jamaica, while Bush-loving author William C. Smatt has run for public office in that country, so I think we have grounds for believing the two to be one and the same.)

Check out this review:
It's interesting, however, that this evil twit and his book turn up very few hits in a web search. The only ones that do turn up mention a "Smatt Brothers Jamaican drug cartel," and its connection to the Bush family. Interestingly, the dedication to this "copyright pending" screed is to sweet William's "two deceased beloved brothers Alfred Smatt and Adolph Smatt." Also, at the end of the book is a bizarre plug for the Shaw Park Hotel in Cutlass Bay, Ocho Rios, Jamaica - where Mr. Smatt evidently spends a lot of time communing with god. Coincidence?
A little web-searching reveals that people named Smatt run much of the lucrative tourist trade in Jamaica.

What does it all come down to? As I said, my thoughts are still vague. I don't have an over-arching theory.

All I can do is look at this list -- Richard Rainwater, Jean Succar Kuri, Kamel Nacif, William Smatt -- and then note that these Lebanese-born businessmen have been accused of some very odd things. They all have links to the right-wing power elite. Do these guys know each other?

Or is that a naive question?
I have a suggestion. Why don't you e-mail Robert Fisk. He lives in Lebenan (has for 30 years), he is a good journalist and he can't stand Bush or Blair. You could share your findings and ask if he has any related information and could drop a hint for him to do a little digging.
BTW, the assassinated Hariri in Lebenan was backed by Saudi Royal family and we know how close they are to the Bushes. My understanding is that he was an advocate of open markets and free trade and was suppose to have brought Lebenan under the sphere of US influence, you know Cedar revolution and all. Just an angle my friend!
I don't know about the lawyer, Charles Goldberg, but that name keeps reappearing in numerous instances surrounding Hopsicker's work.
One example is Nachum Goldberg, money laundering in Australia/Israel, connected to the Addas Israel community and the ANZ bank.
Smatt also seems to be the author of a book called "A Millionaires Cocaine Encounter"

I've ordered my copy.
OK. I give up. Can you post a link to find out more about The Messiah?


perhaps I am jumping the gun but could there be some kind of a rightwing fascist "fifth column" out there operating globally?

Perhaps this secretive cabal has infiltrated the highest levels of the Bush/Cheney group and their secret unpublished agenda is to turn the United States into a complete police state, sort of a hybrid version of a dictatorship "pinochet" style gov that our CI---A, Henry Kissinggeer, Bush Sr, has promoted heavily?

It seems that Bush/Cheney is doing everything to overturn whatever civil liberties a US citizen used to have, they've gutted the Geneva Convention, they've gutted the Civil Rights Commission and won't allow the Justice Dept to investigate all the election abuses from the Nov 2004 election.

The SaudiArabia/OPEC/US Oil companies are sucking the lifeblood out of the US economy and gutting the middle class and standards of living by triping the cost of a gallon of gas over the past few years and enjoying the most obscene oil profits they have ever experienced in their histories thanks to the Iraq war.

something is rotten, very rotten and I don't think this country has very long to go before the true state of affairs reveals itself.

Did you hear that Silverstein also recently bought a lease on the Sears Towers in Chicago? I wonder if an attack on the Sears Towers is imminent and perhaps the "controlled demolition" company that was responsible to clearing away the WTC debris has been secretly engaged to get ready for another disaster.

it just stinks to me.

There is so much disinformation and lack of real information being presented to the general public who most gets their news from CNN or FOX because they don't have time or are too ignorant to do their own research.
Joseph...not to totally impugn Lebanese businessmen, after all, 99.9% of them likely are upstanding, law-abiding people, but there's another interesting and very prominent businessman of Lebanese descent who may bear looking into. He happens to be a Lebanese-Mexican whose parents immigrated to Mexico. His name is Carlos Slim Helu, and he is the richest man in Mexico. His business involvements are both diverse and dispersed. He was the Chairman of TelMex and also a major player on the board of SBC Communications, now AT&T. He is unquestionably one of the most powerful and influential businessmen in Mexico, if not the western hemisphere. His investments span far and wide. Given your topic at hand, I think you might find some interesting bits to explore.
Wish I coukd include this image, but evidently Smatt's Americas Seven Foundation issued a 'Cocaine Encounter' phone card, presumably to mark the publication of his earlier book. This collectible card is a steal at only $14 from

Check out the Americas Sevens logo. While I haven't the foggiest idea what it means, there seems to be a lot of information packed into it.

In case MoneyCards sells out of the card, or the page disappears for some other reason, I've mirrored the image at
You must be part bloodhound Joseph. The lawyer, Charles Goldberg, is (I think) the same guy that defended Marvin Friedman of LF Global. Friedman was involved with Perez/Wilkes/Levy and the $65 million lost by Com2001/alexis communications.
Also involved was a guy named Schreiber, who shares the name with the guy involved with The Post's powdered milk story, and both from Utah.
You're on the right track, keep going.
i have known William since 1975,and still keep up with him,sometimes,I called him up today and asked for the Messenger,to him I replied ,This is The White House calling- The Messiah says,Trusted You,lived long-ago,newly sought,and fanned the flames!
I would seriously like to know more about the Smatt decent... I am a Smatt and i am ready to know more about my family's history!!
William is supposed to be my great uncle...If you are out there respond ASAP
Wow I would love for anyone out there tell me more about my family. I am a Smatt and I'm told my uncle is William. If your out there respond ASAP.
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