Saturday, July 29, 2006

The horror of it (Plus: An additional note)


These photos of civilian casualties in Lebanon came from uruknet. I have not shown the worst.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Where, exactly, were those Israeli soldiers when they were captured? It's a key question, since that "kidnapping" provided the rationale for this war. For a good discussion of the issue -- including the changing stories and the (deliberate?) mistranslations -- see here.
It's so clear to see that the Lebanese are benefitting immeasurably from their burgeoning democracy that Bush raved about not long ago. Of course, it's difficult to enjoy one's democracy when your next door neighbor is bombing the bejeezes out of you.

And the U.S. government couldn't call for a cease-fire? How disgusting.

Who knows? Maybe Richard Rainwater had shorted investment in Lebanon's resurgence as a business and tourist destination of choice in the Middle East (see my other post about Rainwater in the Skyway string).
Those people sure look like they died as the result of white phosphorous use.
My roommates (physcians) say they can't really tell.
Put this under things that make you go hmmm ...

Richard Rainwater's father is of predominantly Lebanese origin with a touch of Cherokee Indian blood, hence the family name. His maternal grandfather is a Lebanese immigrant.
THanks so much for putting up these photos. I'm so glad you are pointing out not only the truth, but the ugly criminality of the U.S. media.

CHeck out this short video about Lebanon

Shame, shame, shame. They seriously must be spraying us with sedatives for it to be so seemingly quiet.
Let's be fair to the Israelis... Can we be sure those corpses weren't Hezbollah terrorists?

(After all, I heard an Israeli commander tonight on the radio explaining that Israel sets a high value on civilian safety, always, like everyone does. It was right after they bombed the apartment building, the explanation being that Hezbollah rockets were being fired from "nearby.")
How close are you all to doing this?

I've said it before -- these acts by Israel are criminal and offend all sense of decency.

But the U.S. government is doing exactly the same thing, every day of the year, in Iraq and Afghanistan. We're talking not about hundreds of civilians dead (as in Lebanon), but tens of thousands murdered by the U.S. from direct causes, and well over 100,000 killed from indirect causes. This in addition to 200 or so killings a day, among warring factions in Iraq, for which the U.S. bears legal and moral responsibility.

And the U.S. is enthusiastically supporting this killing in Lebanon. Even if the Israeli government had enough of a conscience (or simple foresight) to end these atrocities, it's clear the U.S. wants it to continue.

Focusing on Israel as if it were an independent agent, and when your our government is guilty of far worse crimes, seems peculiar to me...
Anon 6:55, Joe and his readers are painfully aware of the US rampage in the ME. Possibly much of our anger at Israel stems from our feelings of impotence about changing the US behaviors done in our name in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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