Monday, July 10, 2006

Her face

The United States now officially admits what we already knew: Abir Hamza, the victim of that vicious assault, was born in 1991. She was only 14 when a squad of all-American "Christian" good-old-boys killed her family, raped her, and burned her body. Not a single member of the unit shirked from this task. None of them felt guilty about what they had done to her (although they did regret the retaliatory measures against Americans).

"Our boys," raised within our suposedly enlightened "Christian" culture, considered this girl a sub-human -- a thing to be used. After all, she was Muslim.

The photo above, taken when Abir was but a toddler, is the only one we have at present. I don't mind admitting that when I enlarged the image and smoothed over the jpg artifacts, I got a little choked up. And angry.

I hope every American sees this girl's face. Are our red-state Jesusmaniacs so blinded by their anti-Muslim bigotry -- so blinded by the lies told by our war-loving president and his propagandists -- that they cannot recognise the humanity and innocence in that little girl's eyes? This war has had many victims; let her face represent those we cannot see.


Chase said...

That makes me sad

sunny said...

Words fail me.

Anonymous said...

Forget the neanderthals who did this and focus on the neanderthals who sent them there. And why. Hanging is too good for Bush and Co. So is a fair trial. They should be slow-baked over a pile of oil-soaked US$.

Anonymous said...

The one thing that, in the final analysis, keeps me going with the level of passion and devotion in this cause we all wage daily - is the children. I will never be able to view the faces of these little ones upon whom so much evil has been visited without weeping - every time I look. I can suffer the emotional fatigue over the billions that Halliburton has fleeced the taxpayers, the bald-faced lies that Bush and Company feed us daily and yes, I have even found the limits of my anger over the destruction of our very planet by these vermin. It is only in the eyes of the children that my outrage and my tears find an inexhaustible supply of grief.

When I see what we have done, I am glad that I do not believe in God

Robert Boldt

ViViDVeW said...

While I will speak to my dying breath of the immorality of torture as a tactic, its people and things like this that make me think it could be justifiable as a punishment.

>>When I see what we have done, I am glad that I do not believe in God

True, but its things like this that make me hope there is a God, as only he could possibly exact a deserving punishment for such things.

Anonymous said...

I fear that the little 5 year old girl was probably also raped as well since these animals had just killed her parents. what is going to stop them?

they may have come for the 14 year-old girl but got carried away and also went after her younger sister so the whole family at the house had to be killed. Perhaps they even decided to gangrape the mother in front of the father.

No one has said a word about the condition that the five year old girl was found in or the mother, especially if the mother was good looking and only in her early thirties.

I suspect that this was done as part of troops getting their jollies, part of the unit that also engaged in wholesale sexual humiliation of the Iraqi prisoners at Abu Gharib and got bored because they got ratted on and wanted fresh meat.

raping the young girl could only be just the tip of this sordid story designed to cover up the rest of the heinous crimes: raping the little girl, gangraping the mother and then going after the young teenager, the ultimate prize.

These folks were probably high on crystal meth as well, I wouldn't doubt if the army gives them mega doses when they want them to go out and engage in a major slaughter with the enemy.

Anonymous said...

it is easy to see from this photo this child was destined to be a beauty. but in many respects, it does not matter what age she was when she was raped; it was this same girl who was their victim.

anaon602; the reports i read stated that the girl's arm or arms appeared to have been broken, and i believe that the mother's head had been destroyed by a bullet, but i could be way off on that last part. the cousin who is the only near-witness stated that abir's body was in a different room and was clearly positioned from a rape. not so the others.

for what that's worth. i'm just glad the army saw 'fit' to charge all five of these men. now we'll see what happens to rummy and bremer's insistence that our soldiers not be held accountable for local crimes. iraqi officials are calling for a change in that ruling in order to charge these guys.

would it not be some weird kind of justice if the iraqi courts afforded these five men a finer brand of fairness than any of our prisoners from their country can claim?

Anonymous said...

Joseph, I think I understand your original hypothesis more clearly now. You sugggested that this attack may well have been a bungled psy-op. You asked: "Were the soldiers instructed to commit an atrocity while posing as insurgents?"

The part of this question I was having trouble with was the idea that these vermin were acting on specific instructions. I think maybe not. Cheney and Rumsfeld learned well from Operation Tiger Force not to create any kind of a trail that can be traced, verified, prosecuted, or even revealed posthumously.

Instead, they and their neocon minions are setting up the circumstances where such atrocities will be inevitable. Circumstances where a direct order may never have to be issued.

How? By aggressively recruiting large number of neo-nazi skinheads. According to a July 7, 2006 NYT article by John Kifner, neonazis who used to be removed from the military once their affiliation was discovered. However, they are now being sought after by recruiters pressured to meet recruiting quotas. Connecting the dots a bit further, one could very reasonably suggest that these "quotas" are being set up by those who want recruiters to do exactly as they are doing, that is, to meet these quotas by any means necessary.

The NYT article further states that Iraq is becoming a desired assignment for those in these hate groups who want to learn the art of warfare. Here is one particularly disturbing excerpt reportedly written by a former Special Forces officer who states:
"Light infantry is your branch of choice because the coming race war and the ethnic cleansing to follow will be very much an infantryman's war ... As a professional soldier, my goal is to fill the ranks of the United States Army with skinheads. As street brawlers, you will be useless in the coming race war. As trained infantrymen, you will join the ranks of the Aryan warrior brotherhood."

So, all signs indeed do point clearly to psy-ops. However, this it may not have been bungled at all, even though it lacked precision and follow through. Small sacrifices, since the desired effect is being achieved. Does anybody really wonder what happens to all the other fish when pirrhanas are put in the pond?

Kim in PA

beeta said...

If you really want to understand what happened...think about this...
First, there is a top down attitude that "we" (The moral,justified,exceptional, freedom loving people)are fighting the forces of (barbarian,un-enlightened, ordinary, terrorist loving Moslims)evil.
Second, they are not on the same level as we are(as one returning Iraq vet put it, we call them "hajis", the equivelant of "Neegar, wetback and etc.), therefore, they aren't people.
Third,if we don't kill them all there, they are coming to kill us all here.
And if you don't believe this ask any returning Iraq vet, who lives in the hellish nightmare of his master's making.

Anonymous said...

And if you can't hook yourself up with a veteran of this war to ask for some of these horrifying stories, try finding one who served in the first Gulf War. Since dehumanization of the "enemy" was no less a priority for our military in that American-engineered conflict, whomever you ask likely won't have to work too hard to come up with grotesque examples of bigoted, xenophobic behavior that was encouraged and sanctioned by superiors.

Anonymous said...

Small correction

She is born in 1993 and not 1991

Accurate date is 28/03/1993

Anonymous said...

Joseph, I may have missed soemthing in the news, but I have not noticed that any article about any of these soldiers implies that they are Christians. Do you have a source indicating that they are or are you assuming that since they are from America and raised by American parents that they SHOULD BE Christians.
I do not and did not and have not seen religion mentioned in any other story in any other media. Have I missed something or are you possibly inferring a judgement here....
Are they Christian, should they have been, were they raised that way... is it really an issue?

Anonymous said...

"Forget the neanderthals who did this and focus on the neanderthals who sent them there."
Sorry, I have to object violently
the use of the word "neanderthals"
in this context.
Neanderthals to my knowledge are extinct now, because they were the lesser "primitive" branch in human evolution.
Homo "sapiens" shold really be named homo "ignorans" .
And you, the critic should distance yourself rather than identify yourself with this evermore degrading Beast, as opposed to "animal".
The Beast we are seeeing at "work"
these days is really a new breed that can not be compared to anything that has come out of natural evolution.
If "culture" is the negation of "nature, than this breed is the negatin of the negation.
And to my guess, its by design.

ed said...

How do you know any of this? All you know is that these men have been accused of rape and murder. If found guilty they should swing for it. But for you to imply that they are racist, white, hill-billy, jesus freaks, somehow representative of American civilization, remains your opinion. Furthermore, crimes of equivalent evil are committed daily in Iraq by people on all sides who are unrestrained by any fraternity of race or religion toward their victims.

Anonymous said...

God will certainly not intervene and there will likely be no punishment for those guilty. These are products of military thinking. Brainwashed to believe that they are somehow or "protecting" their country (US). Pure military thinking. You can't blame their upbringing as much as their military indoctrination.

Th US, as a nation is guilty of the most horrendous acts of inhumanity since WWII. George Bush, Richard Cheney, Condi Rice, Doug Feith, Don Rumsfeld, all, act in accordance with the will of the machine - driven by the world bank, and manipulated by Israel. All for the profit for the few.

US Soldiers (and any soldier assisting in Iraq) have every right to turn on their commanders and return home. What, afterall, would the Bush administration do if its military simply said, "NO, we won't do this any longer"?

Bush is the greatest threat to world peace since Hitler.

Anonymous said...

We can dance around the issue all day, but the fact remains that our occupation and opression of Iraq and Iraqis has a very Christian facet to it. Bush has said that God directed him to invade Iraq. He listens to a "different Father", his speeches are full of coded Christian themes.

One preacher came out and said that we are not fighting people in Iraq, we are fighting Satan.

And yes Ed, there are crimes committed by Iraqis everyday. How does this take the shame off of what these soldiers did?

The way to win hearts and mines is not through their vaginas and brain pans.

Indy6 said...

OK, I am going to say something comtroversial here. Then I will climb into my bomb shelter, in the deep south, where I live, and wait for the explosions.

After awhile, one can recognize red-neck, muslim-hating christians. That is christians, with a small "c," as the values they express are about the furthest things from the authentic teachings of Jesus of Nazareth that I have ever heard, let alone seen put into action.

Of course, there is always the chance that these pin-heads were gang members, since the military is now recruiting them or members of right-wing extremists groups or militias here in the U.S., as they are joining the military as well.

But look at some of the pictures of these people. Do they appear to be playing with a full deck?

Some of these people, like some of the ones mixed up in the Abu Ghraib horror, appear to be the product of some very bad genetic mixes.

Can you tell a book by its cover? Not always, but if you know something about genetic psycho/social manifestations, in people who do appear to be genetically challenged, you know that many of the Americans committing these horrendous crimes are not what we would call our best and brightest.

Nine times out of ten, they have been brought up in fundamentalist churches, varying from simple evangelicals to snake-handling pentacostals.

They are as insane as Osama bin Laden,, and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

you amerikans are really pissing me off ... fuck you and yours.

Anonymous said...

America is doomed, and rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

Dead soldiers = Better Gene Pool.

Anonymous said...

Her innocent image is indeed a mirror of all ours' defaced by Bush's barbarism.

Anonymous said...

I'm American. I guess I'm guilty. I guess I'm guilty and to be ridiculed for believing in God. I'm also of German descent. So, I'm to be blamed for what the Nazi Germans did to the little Jewish girls. I'm American Indian too, so I'm guilty of all the atrocities commited against the English settlers? Ok. Fine. Blame me. I'm just working in America, schooling in America, was born here, and I'm guilty of something because I'm American. Then you Muslim lovers can stay over in Iran and Iraq. I killed no one, I don't condone what these soldiers did, American, Nazi, Russian, all of them. You all, who blame all America for your own lots, stay where you are. We don't want you here. I can stand on my own two feet without complaining about MY lot in life.

Anonymous said...

"None of them felt guilty about what they had done to her (although they did regret the retaliatory measures against Americans)."

Then why did one confess? And this type of thing is extremely common in Arab culture, forced marriages occur in ALL nations that rule with Sharia, and girls as young as 4-5 are forced to marry men in their 40's to 60's. not to mention "honor" killings, etc. But come on now, admit it, many of you were almost as thrilled when you heard this news as when you heard about Abu Ghraib, or the 2,000th soldier to die in Iraq. This helps you with your "told you so" victory dance. I can almost see the pleasure in your writing in this blog and many others.

Anonymous said...

You all need to put your dope pipes down and quit circle-jerking over this.

Any of YOU ever donned a uniform and become a target? I doubt it, losers.

Go back to your Sex in the City reruns. And leave the heavy-lifting to those who have genitalia.