Sunday, June 11, 2006

The defenders of marriage

I do not know who originally wrote this, but the facts deserve a wide audience.
Ronald Reagan - divorced the mother of two of his children to marry Nancy Reagan, who bore him a daughter only 7 months after the marriage.

Bob Dole - divorced the mother of his child, who had nursed him through the long recovery from his war wounds.

Newt Gingrich - divorced his wife who was dying of cancer.

Dick Armey - House Majority Leader - divorced

Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas - divorced

Gov. John Engler of Michigan - divorced

Gov. Pete Wilson of California - divorced

George Will - divorced

Sen. Lauch Faircloth - divorced

Rush Limbaugh - Rush and his current wife Marta have six marriages and four divorces between them.

Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia - Barr, not yet 50 years old, has been married three times. Barr had the audacity to author and push the "Defense of Marriage Act." The current joke making the rounds on Capitol Hill is "Bob Barr...WHICH marriage are you defending?!?

Sen. Alfonse D'Amato of New York - divorced

Sen. John Warner of Virginia - divorced (once married to Liz Taylor.)

Gov. George Allen of Virginia - divorced

Henry Kissinger - divorced

Rep. Helen Chenoweth of Idaho - divorced

Sen. John McCain of Arizonia - divorced

Rep. John Kasich of Ohio - divorced

Rep. Susan Molinari of New York - Republican National Convention Keynote Speaker - divorced

So ... homosexuals are going to destroy the institution of marriage? Wait a minute. It seems the Heterosexual Republicans are doing a fine job without anyone's help!
An added point. Homosexuality was not deemed an important enough sin to rate a mention on those famed stone tablets. Theft, however, is one of the Big Ten.

In that light, let me ask a few political questions which some might also view as religious questions: Where did the missing eight-billion-plus dollars worth of Iraq reconstruction money go? Why did Bush sell Iraq's national resources off to foreign investors? Why did big-buck Katrina reconstruction contracts go to Republican-friendly crony companies who sub-contracted all the actual labor? Doesn't all that stuff qualify as "theft"? Why are people more outraged by buggery than by burglary?


Anonymous said...

...and let's not forget Bearing False Witness - also on God's Top Ten...

Anonymous said...

They left off Rudy Guiliani, man of moral rectitude and "America's Mayor". His then wife, Donna Hanover, had to get a restraining order to keep his mistress out of Gracie Mansion (the NYC mayor's residence). In other words, he was "seeing" his mistress "at home".

A few months later, after Rudy attacked in her the press, she held a press, detailing his many infidelities.

Anonymous said...

...which brings to mind Bernie Kerik...

Anonymous said...

....and one jeff gannon, eh?

the really nasty thing about newt, who is showing the unmitigated gall to make prez campaign noises, is that not only did he divorce his wife as she was struggling with cancer, he handed the papers to her in her hospital bed. leastwise, that's how i heard it.

i'll add to joe's spot on point that neither is abortion mentioned in the big ten. some would say 'thou shalt not kill' covers it, but the precise translatoin of that dictum is 'thou shalt not murder.' one could quibble, but please....

in any case, we're zeroing in on some really strong and pithy - and highly principled - talking points.

oh. just happened to catch a glimpse of barney frank on some panel or such on tv yesterday slamming the senate for ignoring the immense corruption in the federal housing agency. he made a point of stressing that they were 'too busy protecting marriage from [him]'!

i LOVE him.

Anonymous said...

sofla said:

Actually, this is a much better list for the GOP than their far longer list of pedophiles, as previously discussed on this site.

However, as much as the man is indeed a wretch, it's not quite true Newt divorced his wife who was dying of cancer. Suffering from cancer, just had cancer treatment (surgery or radiation or chemo), and in a recovery room at the hospital when he showed up to discuss divorce terms, true. Dying of cancer? Well, no, not then, nor has she even died of cancer since, iirc.

Anonymous said...

For a huge list of Republican hypocrisy, check out this blog... He keeps a running total or Republican pedophilia, homosexuality, and infidelity.

DrewL said...

To add to the Newtie Piling-On - which, I might add, is entirely deserved - let's not forget that it was his second wife, the one after the cancer-stricken wife, whom he cheated on by having a long-running affair with a congressional staffer WHILE the Clinton-Lewinsky brouhaha was taking off. Clinton's dalliance with Monica was insignificant compared to what Newtie was involved in. Yet, we heard nary a peep about Newtie.

Any talk of Newt's newfound political aspirations should include extensive discussion of these facts. That is, unless the Republicans are willing to admit that their persecution of Bill Clinton was wrong! Yeah, that'll be a cold day in hell.