Wednesday, May 10, 2006


A couple of the better-known bloggers have focused on odd doings on Duke Cunningham's boat. First, Josh Marshall directs us to this Copley News Service piece from last December:
The family man, he liked to invite women to his yacht. There, two women told Copley News Service, he would change into pajama bottoms and a turtleneck sweater to entertain them with chilled champagne by the light of a lava lamp.
Well, at least they were females. Wonkette has an informant who expands upon this scenario:
I have a boat on the SW waterfront, same marina that the Duke-Stir once floated in.

Did you know that a number of people in the marina were phoned (on their personal cell phones, no less) by a San Diego reporter just after Duke was sentenced. This reporter was looking for confirmation about the “wild sex parties” on the Duke-Stir, and wanted to know if we had seen “porn, sex toys, and 5 large bottles of K Y Jelly” on the boat. Not 4 bottles, not 6, not small …. Well, no one was willing to admit to seeing such things. But we were interested by the question alone. Perhaps those things were left on the boat when Duke - er, Brent Wilkes; er, Mitchel Wade - bought it from two flaming Queens. At that time the boat was name “Buoy Toy.” Anywho - I do know that Duke once watched my friend’s dog, who chew threw his Penthouse. Apparently the dog is a member of the moral majority.


Anonymous said...

Oh, please, let this post title become the handle for the scandal. Please.

gary said...

If we don't get some photos of hookers soon (female) I will be very disappointed.

Joseph Cannon said...

My sketches aren't enough?