Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Nuke's a-comin'

Meet the Press devoted an episode to the likelihood of a nuclear attack within the United States. Iran and North Korea are, naturally, labelled the "most dangerous actors." The panelists do not discuss Al Qaeda's documented interest in creating a portable nuclear device. We are being prepared.


Anonymous said...

As long as I can remember, there has been some likelihood of a nuclear attack in the United States. Then, the likely attackers were the Russians. I understand the French keep these things in case they need to protect themselves from us. Also, there are the Israelis, who I'm told, have some aimed at us.

There is a likelihood that one of our own could be dropped off some table somewhere, "Ooops."

I live downstream from Hanford, downwind from a chemical weapons storage facility, and there's nuclear waste on the road just a few blocks away.

I thought the most effective way to deal with these several threats was to put in place programs to contain, control, and minimize the risks of accidents, or their use. This amounted to the hard work of negotiations and the building of some trust.

Well, all of that effort has seemingly gone to waste. If there is now a problem with these countries, and all these dangerous bombs, etc, I want to blame the talking heads for sitting around and letting things go to ruin.

Why should these Senators tell us it will be someone else's fault if the citizens get killed by some bomb, but it's the citizen's responsibility to pick themselves up on their own to make something of themselves? Sounds to me like the Senators want to shirk their responsibilities.

For that, they deserve to be impeached.

Barry Schwartz said...

I've been displeased since the 'nuclear option' deal. These ploys are merely letting the social disorder increase before the major crisis hits the fan. We should have helped the process of breakdown by letting Frist press that button. Now heaven knows how bad it will get. I don't even care whether it is an atom bomb; whatever it is will be a cataclysmic breakdown, due to obsolete social institutions.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it curious that there have no terror alerts since before the election. Makes you think that all those terror alerts were done to take media time away from Kerry..

I see this admin. starting to ramp up the rhetoric like they did for Iraq if this is truely going to go down..

They will make sure the american people know who to blame before anything ever happens.. I'm sure they will throw a few terror alerts in for good measure..