Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Tom DeLay isn't going to leave any time soon. He will gain greater power than ever before. Bush's Social Security privatization plan will go into effect. There will be a pogrom against all non-reactionary judges. Even Republicans will become the targets of hate campaigns -- indeed, to some extent, this has already happened. (Note the cases of Arlen Spector and now Justice Kennedy.) The minimum wage will end. Theocracy will become overt.

IT will happen soon. After it does, this country will lurch so far to the right as to make the present day look like socialism.

The reactionaries -- or, as George Seldes once called them, the plutogogues -- will get what they want: Hitlerism with a Jesus mask. But what will happen the day after? They cannot run an economy; the fascist state they create will be inherently weak and unstable.


Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of John Mitchell, Atty General way back in the in the 70s warned (I think I have the quote right):

"This country is going to go so far to the right that you won't believe it."

That was pre-Reagan, pre-Clinton, pre-Bush I, pre-Bush II...

I've always wondered: WHAT DID MITCHELL KNOW? His comment didn't sound offhand, nor like a crystal ball job. It sounded like he knew exactly what he was talking about.

But what? And how could he be so sure?

Barry Schwartz said...

The wrench in the works is that our experience so far says that Bush's "popularity" on terrorism is founded upon the absence of any enormous attacks on U.S. soil. Thus, there might not be popular support for the Enabling Act, but at this point the Bushists are already looking for ways to work around popular lack of support.

I am in wait and see mode, rather than making predictions mode.

Anonymous said...

When the 2004 election was stolen, my innate pessimism started to look a lot like optimism. I thought, "Rather than have Kerry try to fix Bush's mess while hamstrung by a Republican congress and media, it will be better for the Bush administration to have the freedom to grind America into the dirt." Like an addict needing to hit rock bottom before beginning his recovery, the American people need to see first-hand how much the Bushies actually hate them-- and America itself.

My hope is that a far-right theocracy and an economic collapse will engender a new Enlightenment, as Americans reject the Republican culture of death. If not, let us be consigned to the dustbin of history, to make way for other enlightened cultures.

I don't hate America-- I love it. I love it so much that, when it reaches a persistent vegetative state, I'll want it to die with dignity rather than drag on for decades.


Barry Schwartz said...

We do not have the luxury to hit rock bottom that previous foolish "cultures" have had -- our technology now is at a point where for the U.S. to hit rock bottom would destroy the Earth.

It is not so easy anymore -- no longer can you just have a major collapse followed by a period of renewed enlightenment. In the process of the collapse, we would take the Earth with us -- in fact we are doing so, and the consequences are going to be terrible and not reversible. We need to find another way to get past social impasses such as the present one.

Perry Logan said...

Yea, but you're the guy who thinks L. Ron Hubbard killed half of Southern California.

I love your blog, but you might want to step away from the computer for a while...take a walk or something.

Joseph Cannon said...

Now, now, Perry. I didn't say I thought that. I honestly don't KKNOW who committed those crimes, although I'm not among those who lean toward the Arthur Allen theory. What I said was that the LRH "thing" was an idea that a few Zodiac buffs have kicked around in private for a long time now -- and being an impish devil, I decided to talk about it public. Hey, it's always fun to talk about Ron...

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