Saturday, February 26, 2005

More on the Moon connection: "Gannon" and Doug Wead

Remember Doug Wead's infamous audiotapes of Bush, in which the prez makes some rather uncomfortable admissions? Many have wondered whether this release occurred as a diversionary exercise, intended to keep our noses pointed away from Gannon/Guckert.

I would like to propose an alternative scenario. I will present this alternative in interrogatory format.

Question 1: Who does Doug Wead really work for?

The tapes brought to the fore a couple of matters that could alienate W from his base: Drug use, and the possible ersatz nature of his proclaimed religious beliefs.

Many evangelicals suspected that Bush the elder was "faking it" when he claimed to be born again. (I still recall the video distributed in 1988 of Bush making this confession of faith. He seemed to be biting his lip; you could almost see a thin trickle of blood dribbling down his chin.)The Wead tapes tend to re-awaken those fears.

Wead originally joined the Poppy Bush campaign to teach him the "catch phrases" that would signal to the Jesusmaniacs that he, Bush, was also among those bathed in the blood of the Lamb. It was obvious that his fundamentalism amounted to little more than a collection of catch phrases; the religious right soon made GHWB the target of many of their most beloved conspiracy theories.

A much smaller (but not insignificant) proportion of the evangelical community still harbors those suspicions about the present president.

Here's the fascinating part: Wead's loyalties may never have been with W at all. What if Wead's allegiance really goes toward the Korean gentleman lurking behind the curtain?

Southern Baptist attendees at a pro-Bush inaugural function in 2001 -- a gala largely put together by Doug Wead -- were shocked when none other than the Reverend Moon showed up to give a speech and receive an award. You can read about this odd event in Kevin Phillips' book American Dynasty; there's also a brief description here.

Moon once proclaimed that his goal was the "subjugation of the American government and population." What if he's not kidding?

At any rate, I tend to think that Doug Wead made those tapes (and remember, we got only a brief snippet) available as a way to remind the President who is really in charge. We do not know what is going on behind the scenes; do not discount the possibility that Moon wants a service performed that Bush feels reticent to perform.

(For example, the mad Reverend now has a bug up his ass about replacing the symbol of the cross with that of a crown. What if he has asked Bush to aid this campaign?)

Question 2: How did Moon get where he is?

His funds would seem to be unlimited, of course, but that only takes the question one step further. Moon first became a "player" during Koreagate, which -- as most web sites will not tell you -- largely concerned sexual blackmail operations directed against DC politicians.

In 1989, Moon's Washington Times published an incomplete account of a gay prostitution ring with White House ties. Why did Moon allow the publication of such a story, which could only embarrass the elder Bush? And why did the expose cease?

The idea of blackmail once more suggests itself.

Question 3: Why does GHWB speak on Moon's behalf?

In the mid 1990s, former president Bush -- in an unprecedented move -- made speeches endorsing the would-be Messiah. Unconfirmed reports tell us that Poppy was paid millions to give these speeches. But Does the clink of the bag of lucre explain his bizarre performance? The Bush family can't be that hard up for money; I doubt whether GHWB would have spoken on behalf of (say) David Duke or L. Ron Hubbard just to sock away a few extra million.

So why did he speak up on behalf of Moon? He incurred some risk in doing so: Moon is loathed by most of the fundamentalists the Bush family has attempted to court.

Once again: the concept of extortion explains much.

Question 4: How did Moon manage to be "crowned" as Messiah in our Capitol by a congressman, with many other congressfolk in attendance?

Does money suffice to explain this bizarre circumstance? Or should we also harken back to Koreagate, and Moon's proven history of using sex to dig up dirt on politicians?

Question 5: How did GOPUSA achieve such rarefied heights so quickly?

How did the GOPUSA "reporter" gain access to the White House on a regular basis? How did he learn inside information about the attack on Iraq and other matters, including (perhaps) the Plame affair?

Recently, I have noted the many links between GOPUSA and Moon. Moon has always operated via a series of front organizations. If we presume that GOPUSA is one such organization, then we have an explanation for the big questions. The Bush White House let GOPUSA do whatever it wanted because it could not afford to do otherwise.

Let us review a few facts -- some mentioned previously, plus a couple of new ones -- which tend to favor this presumption:

1. GOPUSA has run scads of UPI material, seemingly free of charge; Moon owns UPI.

2. Bobby Eberle, head of GOPUSA, also writes for Moon publications such as the Washington Times, Insight and Human Events.

3. Gannon/Guckert worked for the Moon-linked Frontiers For Freedom.

4. Paul Teller of GOPUSA previously worked for the Moonie Times.

5. Bob and Bruce Eberle appear to be connected to right-wing funder "Hal" Eberle, who (during Reagan's Central American wars-that-were-not-wars) was a board member of a Moon front organization, the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund.

6. Although rank-and-file fundies hate Moon's theology, the Korean Messiah has been making inroads with certain fundamentalist leaders, including Tim LaHaye and Jerry Falwell. Moon has also been linked to the Fellowship, a group that has in turn been linked to GOPUSA.

I feel as though we've been given about 70 pieces of a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. So far, the pieces tend to form the outline of a Moon...
Joe: I think you're on to something much much bigger than those M4M private parts of Gannon/Guckert.

Deep throat said "follow the money"......he was talking about the money paid to the Liddy group of mostly Cuban exiles....those guys exposing their "Plumber's Butts" in the early 70ies. G dubya would have us believe that was just rear cleavage. But the money they were paid was traced back to Mitchel and his beautiful wife and thence Nixon. And the tapes....interesting parallel.

Now we have other tapes and we only got those excerpts released that lead us all to believe that there is much more juicy stuff in the Weade tape archives.

Bush certainly doesn't remember what he said back then. Hell he can't even give a speech without a bug in his ear to keep the puppet strings taught and functioning.

And Moon's penchant for blackmail is not that far out a hypothesis. But what does he want? And if he's pulling all the strings where might this eventually lead us? His plans and objectives need to be thoroughly researched and explained in your next Moon/Weade/Gannon/Guckert/G dub posting.

It's possible that much of what we've seen happen over the past 20 years on the part of our government, are Moon objectives already achieved. What more might we hope for? Does he own the UPI....can you explain that further?

In Mexico they have a saying...Como Un Burro en Primavera. Trans..."Like a burro in the Spring". One meaning attributed to this saying is that to know what the Burro's real objectives are, all you have to do is observe him in the hormonal height of his amorous Springtime obsession. Moon is certainly obsessed with sexual scandal and its many uses and opportunities. And we've already seen that Jackass Gannon/Guckert exposed in his Springtime birthday suit....socks and combat boots to boot.

Maybe following the money leads right to Moon and the Moonies.... and from the silvery full moon springs all man's passions as well as the warewolves of the White House.
Wow! You ARE on to something, Joseph. Very interesting post. I'm going to re-think my original ideas on the Wead tapes.

An aside to John Higgins...that most-quoted Deep Throat line in the movie, All the President's Men--"follow the money" was never in the book. It was screenwriter William Goldman's invention. Still, it's incredibly true. Following the money will always lead to the real culprits.
I've also got explanations, more likely because they don't depend on everything being related to everything else. My theory says Guckert lives like he has a sugar daddy because he's got the mother of all sugar daddies. My theory says that Doug Wead played his tapes because he is selling a book, and this is exactly the sort of thing people do when they are selling a book.

As for why Krappy Kongress Kritters would attend a Moon coronation--one of them was Norm Coleman, I believe, and he would do it because beneath his skin there is nothing but toxic, radioactive waste. My point is that for a Norm Coleman blackmail is not necessary. Bribery, maybe, but blackmail, no. This is just a guy who will go wherever someone might butter his bread.
Have you guys digested this John Perkins story?
Just wondering why there isn't more follow-up on this guy...
Is there a connection between Bruce, Hal, and Bobby Eberle to Paul & Shirley Eberle?

Some of you may recall the McMartin Preschool Sexual Abuse trials in California. Paul & Shirley Eberle attended every day and wrote a book using the transcripts from the trial to invoke their theory that the children made up the stories of sexual abuse at the hands of the owners. The book can still be found at
Joseph, I just stumbled onto your site googling "Chuck Colson" "Unification Church" and following link after link after link.

I have been obsessed with Doug Wead and have been collecting every bit of information I can find on him. Every topic or person you touched on is full of connections worth looking at. I first heard of Wead from John Gorenfeld's Where In Washington DC is Sun Myung Moon regarding Wead's role in some Moon function in Washington.
Here a few few things I've found:
Wead was involved in early Amway
Wead tried to set up a similar org in France and was shut down be the authorities
Wead tried again with a different org and had to flee France under charges of attempted mind control
Wead was uncovered as a member of the Board of Directors of nutty Faith Healer, Binny Hinn because of a law suit from family of decessed follower
Wead was an advisor to Jim and TammyFaye at the time of their fall
Wead was an advisor to Bush Sr. helping him to parse words to fool born again christians and regular non-born again people
Wead was best friend with Neil Bush at the time of the Silverado Savings and Loan in Denver and helped him put the best face foward
Wead spoke at a Sun Myung Moon event in 2001 in Arizona, the Arizona Ecumenical Council, he spoke along with Arizona state Senator Mark Anderson, self proclaimed Unification Church member
Wead is also the founder of Mercy Corps which I believe may actually be a good organization-international releif NGO although it could be an Iran-Contra style operation with planes flying from country to country.
Wead is also an Assembly of God minister
Wead also runs a motivational speaker business

I've got tons of obscure books and documentaries that have interviews and info on his activities. He is such a creepy guy, I think his work should really be looked at.

He is also now a main stream author of best selling books abouts presidents and their families. I believe this is an oportunety for revisionist history or spin on bush biographies.
Wead also wrote a book about the horrors of Jonestown cult suicide with a survivor. Should that make him realize the dangers that Moon's influence could result in?

If you are interested in this information, I would be happy to try to review the sources and forward you more details. I've been posting my findings on blogs whenever I thought people might pay attention but nobody ever does.
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