Friday, November 12, 2004

Is Kerry secretly on board?

An addendum to the piece below on NYT and MSNBC disinformation: Mainstream writers repeatedly assure us that Democratic bigwigs see no evidence of vote fraud. But this piece from the Moderate Independent argues that Kerry takes the problem seriously, although he must now operate sub rosa for tactical reasons: "...he is like the DA who says, 'At this time we are not charging President Bush with anything.'"

Two points: 1. Democratic lawyers are crawling all over Ohio as you read these words; they would not do so if they trusted the results. 2. By allowing Nader, the Greens and the Libertarians to mount a challenge on behalf of Kerry, the Democrats demonstrate a strategic wisdom I thought they had lost.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems that this may be the emerging strategy. If so, I think it is brilliant. It reflects an ability to learn from what happened in 2000, when Gore became the story and the lightening rod, clouding the other issues in play at the time. This is a win-win,and I hope that we as voters can "confirm" Bush's election... right? ;)
Memo to dubya - Democracy begins at home.

Kim in PA

Anonymous said...

Not to be a wet blanket, but if the Democrats and/or Kerry are moving to do something, and you have something(s) that suggest that, prehapes you should keep it to yourself for a while rather than imediantly posting it, so that you know - Mein Herr Rove & Co. don't catch wind and begin planning.
And on another matter, whatever happened to the CIA? Weren't they going to "accidentally" leak their report into 9/11 that was done at the same time as the congressional report but unlike the congressional report it named-names (i.e. " body listened to Richard Clarke... Bush did not pay attention to reports... that guy Ashcroft gives me the creeps..."), considering they don't seem to like the BushCo. administration - especially Rumsfeld - and considering what BushCo. has planned for them you would think they'd try and do something, maybe not on the level of JFK & Jimmy Carter, but something!