Monday, October 11, 2004

Mystery bulges are popping up everywhere!

A correspondent directs our attention to another photo displaying a very obvious mystery bulge -- a photo posted to the White House web site. The bulge, in this case, is covered by a t-shirt. Can Bush blame this one on his French tailor?

(What kind of a "cowboy" uses a French tailor, anyways?)

The Washington Dispatch notes -- as I have previously noted -- that scandal-monger Matt Drudge has steered clear of this story, even though he tried to make a huge deal out of Kerry's use of (gasp!) a pen during the first debate.
Matt Drudge was once the inspiration of independent reporters around the globe. Through his own bias or lack of follow-through, he has become the bruise on Internet media that may never heal.
Ah. It seems that the Washington Dispatch has just now noticed that Drudge has a bias. Congratulations! Walk outside and you may also notice that grass is green and the sky is blue.

Finally: Promptergate has made the news in Borneo. No kidding. Borneo! My ladyfriend, who first spotted the mystery bulge, will get a huge kick out of that.
Yes, but as I mentioned in another thread on your site, why would Bush strap on "the box" under a t-shirt? It makes no sense. It is DEFINITELY the same device that he is wearing under his suit in the first debate, but can anyone explain why he would allow it to be so visible? Either it is something benign, or he was wearing a jacket at other times that day (not true, as evidenced by the other pictures), or he figured no one would notice???? It just gets curiouser and curiouser...

Yeah, Bush is using a "Freedom" tailor. Crazy!
2003 - africa uganda - what is inside ear?
Just security?

Without ear device

Their are very few profil images of GWB.

looky, on the same website. going from the box we see on the back, in the exact same place as the other night. the boy wears a wire all the time, yes?
More bulges, the best I have seen yet, not from the debates, but this definitely is no "wardrobe malfunction"

Another set of Bulge Pictures, HI-RES pics available (up to 10mb!!) (a fledgeling bush wired blog)
isbushwired.blogspot is a site that mocks the Bush wired story --the real site is
If it looks like he's "wearing a wire all the time" -- it's probably his backbone... his freaky... freaky... backbone.
more pics and links added to

some new ones!

"Hump? What hump?"

Actually, it's his cerebral cortex. I think that explains a lot.
The image with a red wire coming out of W's ear was actually that of earplugs. If you look at the other picture of him dead on, you can see them coming out of both ears. I don't think that he would actually be wearing something that obvious.
Much better proof is the video of a reporter listening to Bush regarding Chirac (last year?). We can hear someone prompting, then Bush says those same words. This goes on for 2 or 3 exchanges. At the end, the reporter is seen disgusted, shaking his head in disbelief. This was linked somewhere yesterday, can't find it today - want to send this everywhere, please find it and help me out. Thanks.
You can't spell bullshit without B U S H
Steal it, pass it around, put it on a T-shirt.
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