Friday, July 30, 2004

For the few of you checking in...

When Blogger's new interface sent my formatting all to hell, my links and formatting went bye-bye. And when the links disappeared, so did nearly all of my readers. That turn of events came as a surprise, but stats don't lie. The good folks at Blogger tell me that they they recognise the problem (which is isolated to Internet Explorer, they helpfully point out) and hope to have a patch soon.

Well, my day job is making massive demands on my time right now, so this is a good time to bid a temporary -- I hope VERY temporary -- farewell to the world of blogging. But I've an open invite to write for other forums, and when I do, I'll also be posting here on a semi-daily basis once more.

So check in from time to time. I will return. the meantime, check out Capitol Hill Blue for more on the "Is Bush losing it?" motif. They say he's popping pills...!

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