Saturday, June 26, 2004

Last week we learned how to saw a lady in half. This week we're going to learn how to saw a lady into three bits and dispose of the body.

Well, It's official: Terry Jones is my favorite Python alumnus. In today's lesson, he explains how Donald Rumsfeld and the ace legal eagles at the Bush administration helped him solve a nagging domestic problem. It seems that Mr. Jones has been having communication problems with his son:

I tried starving him, serving him only cold meals and shaving his facial hair off, keeping him in stress positions, not turning his light off, playing loud music outside his cell door - all the usual stuff that any concerned parent will do to find out where their child is going after choir practice.
And when you're done with that piece, try to find out the local broadcast time for Jones' great new series, Medieval Lives. It's even better than the one he did on the Crusades.

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