Thursday, May 27, 2004


Remember when Bush said he was going to be the education president? His new budget is going to slash funding for education.

Remember when Max Cleland lost his reelection bid on the issue of Homeland Security -- even though Cleland sponsored the original Homeland Security bill, which Bush (at first) opposed? Well, now Bush is going to slash funding for Homeland Security.


But the cuts are politically sensitive, targeting popular programs that Bush has been touting on the campaign trail. The Education Department; a nutrition program for women, infants and children; Head Start; and homeownership, job-training, medical research and science programs all face cuts in 2006.

"Despite [administration] denials, this memorandum confirms what we suspected all along," said Thomas S. Kahn, Democratic staff director on the House Budget Committee. "Next February, the administration plans to propose spending cuts in key government services to pay for oversized tax cuts."
The largest sectors of the budget go, of course, to Defense and the servicing of the national debt. The former won't be cut and the latter cannot be cut.

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