Friday, May 28, 2004

The Kerry "intern" speaks

Remember the fake Kerry "intern" scandal Matt Drudge was pushing? The Big Lie that Rush Limbaugh is still pushing?

Now Alex Polier, the woman at the heart of the tale, speaks her piece. The hunted has become the hunter.

As you may recall, The Sun, a British tabloid, published two seemingly-damaging quotes from Polier's parents. The father supposedly called Kerry a "sleazeball," while the mother said that Kerry "chased after" Alex. Turns out the former quote was taken out of context (the father had not yet heard of the Drudge story and was not referring to sexual matters) while the latter seems to have been pure invention. The writer of the Sun story, a low creature named Brian Flynn, did not even speak with the mother.

Polier tried to track down Flynn, hounding him relentlessly for an explanation as to why he lied in print. He ducked, of course.

Public humiliation isn't enough: Flynn should see the inside of a courtroom. And he's not the only one. There are those who suspect that Drudge's initial source, the onlie begettor of the whole shoddy yarn, was ABC's Chris Vlasto.

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