Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Berg: Meetings with remarkable men

As readers know, the aspect of the Berg controversy that most intrigues me concerns his possible involvement with an espionage service. Anyone following this angle will want to read this piece by someone named Ewing2000. He tries to establish as fact a point on which I've sought clarification: How many terrorists did Berg "accidentally" meet during his years at the University of Oklahoma?

Previous reports spoke of but one, met on the bus. Berg's father, however, alluded to more than one.

Ewing2000 quotes NewsMax -- not a reliable source -- to the effect that Berg met with Zacarias Moussaoui himself, an assertion conflicting with previous reports that Berg met a Moussaoui associate. More than that: The FBI apparently thinks that Berg "may have known" Moussaoui's two roommates, also tied to Al Qaeda.

The piece goes on to make other claims about Moussaoui and the Oklahoma City bombing. Much of this material is familiar to those who follow such matters, and the details do not congeal into a proper theory. It is still worth reading.

The important revelation here concerns the number of terrorists Berg encountered. "Twice is coincidence; three times is enemy action," as the old spy adage has it -- and Berg, we are told, met with no less than three men linked to Al Qaeda. The mere fact that the press reported the "bus encounter" story while placing Moussaoui and his roommates offstage is significant.

Of course, the above observations all presume that Ewing2000, whoever he is, has his fact straight. I'd like to see a citation that points to a source other than the egregious NewsMax.

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