Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Living in Con-denial (update)

I am glad to report that Condoleezza Rice did not experience a surge in popularity as a result of her testimony, even though she spoke well, and even though the right-wing cheerleaders have worked overtime trying to whip up enthusiasm. I suspect that two factors undercut her effectiveness: The release of the Presidential Daily Briefing and (especially) the disastrous news from Iraq, which has left even the most reactionary of the chickenhawks musing whether any good options now exist.

Even though she did not succeed in "Northing" the commission, she does seem to have gotten away with twisting the truth under oath. For those of you looking for a list of iffy areas in her testimony, the Center for American Progress has cobbled together a one-stop shopping resource.

Even so, I'd bet everything in my wallet right now (it ain't much, but it sure means a lot to me) that she'll never be charged with perjury.

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