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Friday, February 02, 2018

While you're waiting... (Updated!)

We are still waiting for the memo to drop. Latest word is that it will hit at ">4:30 EST.

UPDATE: Sunvabitch! It came out a little after noon! Obviously, I'll have more to say about it soon. If I were a true paranoid, I would suspect that the GOP was waiting until I finally broke down and wrote a post...

Let's get back to the post I originally uploaded shortly before noon...

In the meantime, I've spent this morning reading about the Bloody Benders of Kansas, a notable German immigrant family of the mid-19th century. Why hasn't anyone made a horror/western film about them? Lovely Kate reminds me of Ivanka.

Not long after the Benders disappeared into glory (leaving behind a collection of fine hammers, which you can see today in a museum in Kansas), the Drumpf family showed up in America and got into the business of running whorehouses. Back then, Germany was not sending us their best. They were murderers. Con artists. Pimps. And some, I assume, were good people.

(Come to think of it, I have some German blood on my Dad's side. Maybe it's a good thing I can never find my damned hammer.)

About the video embedded above: I swore off Randi Rhodes after the horrible things she said about Hillary in 2008. Forgive and forget? Not me. Not my style.

That said, this clip really does offer a superb one-stop shopping resource if you are looking for proof that the current Trumpist propaganda line is malarky. The idea that the FBI has ever been pro-Democratic is just laughable.

Remember when we heard, during the election, that "The FBI is Trumplandia"? I had forgotten that! Thanks, Randi, for reminding us.

From a PR standpoint, maybe the smarter Democratic strategy would have been to attack Mueller on the grounds that he is a Republican and therefore biased in Trump's favor. If the Dems had mounted at least a half-hearted attempt to demand a Democratic-led investigation, Trump's current propaganda barrage might have less purchase.

(The propaganda is working, by the way. Trump's numbers have been going up, and the generic D-v-R congressional poll numbers have been heading in the wrong direction.)

We now live in a nation in which investigations of Democratic presidents MUST be led by Republicans while investigations of Republican presidents MUST be Republicans. And yet nothing stops the Republican president from claiming that he is being treated unfairly.

Yeah, yeah, I know: Something something deep state blah blah blah It's Trump versus the Illuminati space lizards yada yada...

Can anything get through to the Trumpists? They are right wing conspiracy buffs. The right wing conspiracy buff subculture exists to replace the reality that is with the reality one prefers. Or, in this case, with the reality that Big Orange Brother prefers.
Being ¼ german, I feel free to recall that passage in _The Education of Henry Adams_ where Adams is yet worrying about the untellable changes to be brought about in America due to influences of large numbers and the loss of "The American of the Prime." In this case immigrants, especially “these millions of Germans and Slavs, or whatever their race-names, who had overflowed these regions as though the Rhine and the Danube had turned their floods into the Ohio.”

We now live in a nation in which investigations of Democratic presidents MUST be led by Republicans while investigations of Republican presidents MUST be Republicans.

Just like on the Sunday shows when a Democrat is in the WH, they must book Republicans to hear the opposition. But when a Republican is in the WH, they must book Republicans to reflect what the people voted for. When a Democrat alerts the public about a scandal, it's just partisanship. But when a Republican cries about a scandal, it must be taken seriously in the name of "balance".

Oh well. Can we get back to attacking Hillary? I mean, she was somehow responsible for Nunes releasing this memo, correct? If only she fired Strider in 2008...
Trey Gowdy wants to have it both ways. He pushed for this memo's release, now he's saying of Mueller, "The contents of this memo do not – in any way – discredit his investigation." Maybe Trey is a tad worried about obstruction of justice charges?
We have been living in post-democracy America since the 2000 election, if not for fifty years earlier. Say Nov. 22 1963.
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