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Friday, November 03, 2017


I apologize for being "away from keyboard" most of today. Donna Brazile's weird, unbelievable assault on Hillary commanded my attention this morning, but I was unable to write. Suffice it to say that the whole thing looked to me like pure crap.

I'm quite sure that the "damning" document Brazile referenced either does not exist or reads differently than she stated.

How can I be so sure? Simple: The thing is not online. If this business were anything other than a deception operation, there would have been a link to a pdf.

How many times have we been through this? Travelgate, Vince Foster, Whitewater, "death lists," Mena, Benghazi, emails: The "damning" evidence against the Clintons always turns out to be crap. What we saw today was just more of the same.

An oft-heard propaganda meme holds that the DNC gave Bernie an unfair shake, a claim I consider both infuriating and ludicrous. The contrary is true: The DNC bent over backwards to accommodate the guy. Y'know what the DNC should have done to Bernie? They should have disqualified him on the grounds that Sanders is not a Democrat. If the DNC were out to get him, they would have said something about the man's shady financing (for which he was castigated by the usually-comatose FEC) and for his Trumpian refusal to divulge his taxes.

The BernieBot "Martyrella" routine makes me want to vomit. Their pretenses of victimization are as big a Big Lie as anything we've heard from the Team Trump. The fact is that Bernie Sanders is a thoroughly corrupt individual who would have lost all 50 states in the general had he won the primaries.

Nevertheless, the online troll army was out in full force earlier today, especially on Daily Kos. One Kos troll credited Hillary with "destroying" the DNC, even though Brazile's own piece concedes that Hillary bailed out the DNC. I don't know how many of these trolls were Russians, but I'm quite certain that their progressive credentials were very, very faux.

On Mediaite, one particularly vile anti-Hillary comment ended with the words "Hail victory!" -- the English translation of Sieg heil. (Go here and scroll through the comments.) What aroused my suspicion was the fact that that lovely observation was posted very shortly after the story broke.

Do fascists read Mediaite first thing in the morning? Not customarily. Yet at least one fascist was Johnny-on-the-spot with a burst of incoherent Hill-hate and a hearty Sieg heil. In all likelihood, the far right was given a head's up about this story before Politico actually published Brazile's words.

What does that tell you?

We've long known that Alt Right and fascist networks are heavily involved with spreading online memes and trying to shape mass opinion. Fortunately, one of these Nazified smear-artist decided to sign his work.

I shudder to think about what Facebook looked like today. Must have been ugly. The same manipulation that occurred during the campaign is still happening.

On another topic: It is becoming obvious that Jeff Sessions lied his bony ass off when testifying under oath. Liberals are lashing out at Sessions, and some are asking for his removal.

Terrible strategy. Yes, Sessions is an awful guy. But removing Sessions will simply give Trump an opportunity to replace him with someone willing to fire Mueller. How will that help?

Suspiciously, Carter Page seems to have gone out of his way today to make Sessions look mendacious. If your side is getting help from a guy like Page, rethink your strategy.
Leave it to Democrats to go after each others throats while trump drags us closer to the abyss.
Sessions recused himself from the Comey affair, which then led to Mueller being appointed. Seems like Sessions is actually the hero in all of this, no? This too sounds like a Progressive tactic to remove the best chance at finding out What Happened. (pun intended).
Where's drag queen Rudi and his Uzbek pimp lately!? Rudi's been awful quiet lately. Like he finally realized his shit really does stink. Bernie Komrad Kerik is out of the slammer and spreading more bullshit and lies on Fox News. God bless him. Laura Ingraham's got her own show now on Komrad Ruperts Faux News now too. Good for her ... She's got to put food on the table for those two little boys she smuggled out of Russia. Rupert Murdoch? Has he found a new commie wife? Or been spotted partying on any Russian yachts lately with billionaire Russian Oligarchs? Has he completed his plan to fuck up the democracies of the USA and UK with his divisive bullshit media operations and now gone off into retirement? Maybe he has acquired a brain to go with his balls and has gotten the hell out of dodge before the dam breaks. And it will eventually break. In fact I recommend all trolls secretly sucking Putin dick and fucking with people's minds and democracies to get the hell out of dodge before the damn finally breaks. :)

As the immortal John F. Kennedy once said back in late 1961 : "IT'S MUELLER TIME MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!"
My FB feed was saved by the indominatable Wonkette's takedown of Donna and the Young Turks.
Brazil's vendetta against Hillary is old. I can sit and recount back to 2008 and beyond. The question is shouldn't she have disappeared after Gore's campaign? I don't know one single thing she did right in her life. I never liked her, or podesta for that matter.
Yah, the friggin x campaign.

Where x equals any Dem candidate after Bill Clinton (or before, now that I think of it. HRC included. Obama excluded, GOP tried the usual tricks, but in that one case, they didn't stick). The campaigns were different, but all sucked, and for eeerily similar reasons...

Oddly each appeared to be incompetent, spineless and inarticulate, out of touch. Even more out of touch than George W. "Happy Goat" Bush? Yet so it seemed.

This is what the Brazile piece brought to mind. She's like the Gingrich of the Dems. Loser that somehow never leaves.

In a related note, Tad Devine appeared on TV a few days ago; had never seen him before. He is Manafort minus the thug's poor syntax, with greater arrogance.

It all makes me wonder exactly when the US became a fake democracy.
In all the screaming from the bro none of them stop to think if Hillary bailed out the DNC with her own does that mean she financed Bernie 's campaign? Isn't that dirty money, should he reimbursed her. I would say YES. Pay up old goat.
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