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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump's plans. Plus: The sin of Pride

This entire post may be considered an expansion of the one below.

Check out the latest issue of National Enquirer. I didn't buy that rag -- in fact, I merely skimmed it while on line at the Rite-Aid -- but a quick glance is all you need. The cover story offers a barrage of truly insane Hillary-hate, allegedly drawn from Vladimir Putin's secret files -- translated from Italian!

All of the familiar themes are there: Hillary and Human as lesbian lovers, their secret plot to use Anthony Wiener (apparently he was Hillary's victim), and Hillary's horrifying health secrets. It all culminates in the revelation of the Evil Clinton Conspiracy to destroy America and hand it over to the Muslims. Or something.

Of course these claims are all nonsense. Of course the Enquirer has a reputation lower than the urine stains on a slug's underwear. You need not tell me these things.

What's important is this: This propaganda blitz appeared after Trump won the election.

The National Enquirer has functioned as a Trump propaganda arm throughout the campaign. If American Media Inc. (the parent company of he Enquirer) is still targeting Hillary Clinton, then we must understand that Trump plans to go after her on any available pretext.

Remember, he has the formidable resources of the Russian intelligence services at his disposal -- and the American services, once he fully secures their loyalty. Thus, the documentary trail will read however he wants it to read. The FBI will mount an apparently airtight case based on false evidence.

Do not depend on our institutions. In a fascist state, institutions bend to the will of the tyrant.

Something's coming. It sickens me to see so many liberals fall for the delusion that Trump intends to be just another president. Know this:

Trump will stage a terrorist event -- probably nuclear -- within this country in order to grab total dictatorial power. 

In all likelihood, he will use this coming event to justify a war with Iran. He has made it clear that he desires such a war: See here and here. You should also read Gareth Porter's latest here.

If and when this "ultimate false flag event" occurs (aided and abetted by Alex Jones, who is part of the conspiracy), Trump will end democracy in America. One day, he may be acknowledged as the most evil man in human history -- worse than Stalin or Hitler.

The time to prevent his scheme is now. We must all find some way to get the message out to the American people: A big terror event is coming.  

When you see the mushroom cloud, BLAME TRUMP.

No matter what kind of "evidence" he proffers -- BLAME TRUMP.

If you have any ideas as to how best to spread that message, please share.

The arrogance of youth. One of the major problems we face today is pride. The oldest sin has proven particularly popular with the college set.

Nowadays, everyone under the age of 30 refuses to admit even the slightest possibility of error -- about anything. They would rather scrape off their own nipples with a rusty vegetable peeler than utter the dreaded words: "Perhaps I was wrong."

Let me cite, as an example, one of my pet peeves.

As many of you know, ill-educated young dullards invariably refer to any piece of classical music as a "song." That's the word they use to describe (for example) Beethoven's Symphony #5: It's a song. Yet these same dullards insist that we all use precise terminology whenever we refer to one of their infantile noise-collections: "That's not trance music -- it's hardstyle!" "No, it's not hardstyle -- it's dubstep!"

Ignorance is no sin. Pride, however, is a sin. Pride enters into the situation whenever a Wise Elder such as my humble self dares to offer a gentle correction.

Me: "That's not a song, nitwit. It's a symphony by Beethoven. Look, I'll make things simple for you. Do you hear a singer? No singer = no song."

Sneering arrogant Young Dullard: "If it's not a song, then what am I supposed to call it?"

Me: "It's a symphony. If you do not know the form, then you can call it a composition or a piece of music or just a piece. You can also call it a work."

I have engaged in that very dialogue many, many times.

When I offer this lesson to a Sneering Arrogant Young Dullard (or SAYD), here is what I expect said Dullard to say in response: "Thank you very much for correcting me, wise elder. Being the product of a failed educational system, I know that I can attain Basic Life Competence only by heeding the knowledge and experience of my grey-haired betters."

Alas, the Sneering Arrogant Young Dullards amongst us would rather swallow razor blades than admit to even the slightest possibility of error.

That's why the SAYD will employ his or her formidable powers of rationalization to justify using the word "song" to refer to a symphony. Of course, doing so is equivalent to calling the Mona Lisa a "statue." But will the SAYD admit this obvious fact? No. Pride prevents him from confessing the self-evident.

Your average Sneering Arrogant Young Dullard simply cannot admit that he or she is wrong about anything, however plain and indefensible that error might be.

Pride. Our youngest adults have fallen in love with our oldest sin.

And now you know why so many Sneering Arrogant Young Dullards continue to believe absolute nonsense about Bernie Sanders, even though I have proven beyond all rational debate that Bernie is hopelessly corrupt, even though I have proven beyond all rational debate that Bernie Sanders would have lost all 50 states, and even though Kurt Eichenwald has proven beyond all rational debate that the bullshit believed by the BernieBros is, in fact, bullshit.

The nitwits have no facts on their side, but they possess arrogance enough to fill the oceans of a thousand Class-M planets.
Digby talks about Jeff Sessions as Attorney General who has described the NAACP and the ACLU "un-American" and "Communist-inspired." He's against immigration and says that the citizenship guarantee of the 14th Amendment should not apply to children of immigrants. And he tells jokes about the KKK.

Neocon Eliot Cohen had previously gotten himself offside with the Trump campaign but he was asked for nominations for national security positions, nominations that were then rejected in a "disturbing" email reply.

"It was accusations that ‘you guys are trying to insinuate yourselves into the administration … all of YOU LOST.’ … it became clear to me that they view jobs as lollipops, things you give out to good boys and girls."

The Trump team don't even make a head nod to competency or national interest. They're just Visigoths looting Rome.
I wonder how long the dishonest statements about climate change by Barack Obama, John Kerry and others can keep their value. Kerry tells us that "At some point even the strongest sceptic has to acknowledge that something disturbing is happening". Who denies that the climate is changing? Nobody. Over to King Canute.
In my iTunes library, or call it a folder or a file or even a volume, 17 listings for Tchaikovsky appear in the iTunes category named Songs. One is the famous piano concerto, many others are discrete movements from the piano concerto and the violin concerto, and the rest are other violin recorded performances.

In every library I have visited (hundreds), there are shelves and stacks of record albums, drawers with tape recordings, compact discs, videotapes and DVDs, even though library in English means book house, yet most libraries also have magazines, newspapers, and maps. Computers too.

Classical music has a literature, which is available as such only to those who can read the scores, and yet billions of people know that music well who cannot read any of it, but they can play it, hum it, whistle it, or even sing it wordlessly.

b. - Well, since they didn't make any dishonest statements (but only ones supported by the science), I suppose you will just have to keep wondering. Why don't you go over to the guys at and try to peddle your Anthropogenic-Global-Warming-Denialist nonsense where it's actually somewhat appropriate, a site run by actual climate scientists? Not only do they have a wiki to rebut the most common myths, but they might even smack you down in the comments sections of their open threads if you really need the instant, um, gratification. By expounding that kind of stuff here, you're just wasting everyone's reading time.

Sergei Rostov

As an appointed representative of the SAYD generation, I ask you consider the following; 1) Baby Boomers control the entirety of the economy, housing market, job creation, and now, FICA awardees. 2) Disenfranchised offspring of said BB's were promised a future that never manifested, encouraged to go to college, with zero direction, and ended up with huge debts, hit a market with few jobs for our educations, no affordable housing. When will the Baby Boomers give up anything? 3) Some of us care very much, work very hard (harder than you ever did possibly), will likely rent forever, but spend every evening defending POC online.

And Beethoven's 5th is probably second only to Mozart's 9th, "Eine Klein Nachtmusik." I can't count the museums I have seen, but let's start with Le Louvre, Musee D'Orsay, Phillips Collection, MOMA SF... I have seen Les Miserables. The Phantom of the Opera.

But you know what didn't help Clinton? Condescension. I really do hope you get to experience better things from my generation. We are very moralistic, multi talented people, but we didn't get the jobs or homes your generation promised. It isn't here. Soc. Sec. will fail. But it's our fault for supporting Bernie over soiled Clinton and demonic Trump. Yes, you think he works for Trump. That's a theory. A theory.

I need this future for my mixed race son. I need SS for my aging mother. I can take your criticism, it doesn't phase me, it motivates me to correct your oversight from studying underachieving ass MF's who bought the line we were sold since 5.

Think, Joseph Cannon. Please. I respect you immensely, that's why I took the time to write this. I respect that you will post this, as you respect my effort, agreeable or not.
You raise some fair points, Morgan. Let me address your most important one:

"But you know what didn't help Clinton? Condescension."

More than a hundred years ago, there was talk in France of ending the death penalty. Some wit -- I forget which one -- responded: "Je veux bien que messieurs les assassins commencent" -- "I'd like the murderers to start."

Throughout 2015 and 2016, I've been on the receiving end of some incredibly condescending crap from the under-30 crowd, all of whom felt as though they had the right to make presumptions about me. As in: "He's old and white, therefore probably a Reagan-voting wearer of white sheets."

Most of these nescient little shits displayed little knowledge of history or politics. They were blank hard drives willing to be programmed by the propagandists.

Since they and they Facebook friends were willing to vote for a socialist, they presumed that the entire country was ready to do so, on the theory that only young people vote. They spread inane lies about the Bill Clinton administration which infuriated those of us who recall what the 1990s were like.

When you're my age, kid, you'll understand: It HURTS LIKE FUCK to be talked down to by idiot youngsters. I'm talking about young people who -- even if they were to live another two hundred years -- will never read one-third of the books I've read. They proved themselves to be suckers for every false story to dance across Reddit and Facebook.

It's young people, not their elders, who fall for the bizarre historical revisionists who try to picture Hitler as a left-winger, and who portray FDR as Hitler's secret partner. (I've seen both of those memes pop up again recently.) Young people are easy prey for propagandists because they live in the eternal Now. They don't know who Joseph McCarthy or John Reed were. They don't know Whittaker Chambers or Bull Connor or Jim Garrison or Adam Clayton Powell or Cesar Chavez or Leonid Brezhnev or ANYONE. A surprising number of them can't even name the capital city of France.

And yet they think they can take ME to school.

You want me to act less condescending? Stop BEING condescending.

Until I start hearing a little more humility from your generation of ignorant-yet-arrogant shits, I'm all for raising the voting age to 30 -- maybe 40.

I'm not talking about you personally, Morgan. You're all right. I'm talking about the people you claim to represent.

However: Clinton was not soiled. SHE DID NOTHING WRONG. All that shit about her you believe? It was all smears. Before the smear campaign hit, she was the single most popular political figure in America.

And the fact that Bernie ended up spreading those smears -- and was most vehement in doing so when the nomination became a mathematical impossibility -- is all the proof I need of his bad faith. Does it matter if he was witting of Trump sponsorship? As a previous generation of radicals used to say (and here's another lesson from your elders worth learning, kid): "Agent or asshole -- what's the difference?"
One last point, Morgan. Do you really feel comfortable accusing ME of being to quick to proffer a conspiracy theory? Throughout the primary election, a million-and-one BernieBot posts spread truly insane conspiracy theories about the DNC and Correct The Record and the Clinton Foundation.

I'll stop when you stop. When fired upon, I'll return fire. "Je veux bien que messieurs les assassins commencent."

And don't tell me "Get over it." Never.

Eliot Cohen in the NYT on May 17 2016:

Mr. Trump’s temperament, his proclivity for insult and deceit and his advocacy of unpredictability would make him a presidential disaster — especially in the conduct of foreign policy, where clarity and consistency matter.
Hillary Clinton is far better: She believes in the old consensus and will take tough lines on China and, increasingly, Russia.

Cohen in The American Interest on November 10 2016 (immediately after Trump won):

Trump may be better than we think. He does not have strong principles about much, which means he can shift. He is clearly willing to delegate legislation to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. And even abroad, his instincts incline him to increase U.S. strength—and to push back even against Russia if, as will surely happen, Putin double-crosses him. My guess is that sequester gets rolled back, as do lots of stupid regulations, and experiments in nudging and nagging Americans to behave the way progressives think they should.
Cohen on Twitter November 15 2016

Eliot A Cohen @EliotACohen
After exchange w Trump transition team, changed my recommendation: stay away. They're angry, arrogant, screaming "you LOST!" Will be ugly.

Retweets 3,719 Likes 3,204
5:07 AM - 15 Nov 2016

Fred, I can think of lots of reasons to criticise Trump. Not employing Eliot Cohen is not one of them.


"Ignorance is no sin. Pride, however, is a sin. Pride enters into the situation whenever a Wise Elder such as my humble self dares to offer a gentle correction. "

Pride is a sin and so is sloth. I am not young and I know I have been/am guilty of both. But to my untutored eye, that statement has a touch of irony about it. Are you absolutely sure you can cast the first stone?

I have come from a business where results matter although even with results you can still be punished. The elections were not good for the Dems. If the problem was that the electorate voted "incorrectly" where should blame lie? Are you sure you are not blaming the dogs for not eating the dog food?

The wise elders who organised us and presided over these results might choose to accept just a little more blame for losing Michigan, Pen, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Bear in mind that I do not dismiss arguments about election fraud. But a Dem candidate facing the Orange crotch grabber should have won by 10 points. For some reason, states which voted for a black guy in 2008/12 are now full of redneck racists. Isn't it simpler (occams) to argue that the candidate was wrong, the campaign was weak, and the policies didn't enthuse?

As a wise old man, is it not possible that allowing so many people to lose their home and their jobs might not have been a recipe for success?


Harry, I cannot STAND assholes like you. You want me to blame the Clintons? For WHAT?

Bill Clinton was easily the best of the post-war Presidents. Better than JFK, since JFK inherited relatively good times and had the luxury of a post-war bipartisan Keynesian consensus. He oversaw eight years of prosperity and peace. Black people in particular did much better during those years than they had before, which was one reason he was called the first black president. He got the government out of the red and came up with a plan that, if followed by his successor, would have retired the entire national debt forever, thereby significantly reducing the taxes of working people throughout the nation.

And what was his reward? Republicans hate him. Dems hate him. The media hate him. The BernieBots offered a completely false history of the 1990s. Young black people have been taught that he was basically just another version of Nathan Bedford Forrest. He became the target of an unending stream of completely insane conspiracy theories -- and asshole progressives like you refuse to give up entirely on those smears, because you're too fucking proud to admit that you fell for a bunch of bullshit. He impeached over nonsense. He was humiliated and insulted for no good reason.

And now his entirely laudable foundation -- which has saved the lives of so many people -- has become the target of even more baseless smears from the Conspiracy Asshole Battalions. And when that happened, did creeps like you rise to his defense? No. You didn't want to lose Hipness Points.

Much the same story can be told about Hillary Clinton. The one candidate who told the truth during the election was slammed as a liar -- was considered less honest than Mr. Pants-On-Fire, and less transparent than a man who routinely makes all of his associates sign NDAs.

And now our supremely petty and vindictive new President is going to search for some excuse to ruin the Clintons financially and toss them in jail.

And you are ABETTING this great historical injustice. You remind me of the middle-class "good Germans" in the 1920s who rationalized away the right-wing murder of Walther Rathenau.

The appalling thing about people like you, Harry, is that you will never admit how evil you are. You are probably convinced of your own rectitude.

Fuck you.

Who said I was blaming the Clintons? So let's just go through and you can tell me where I misunderstand.

1. HRC lost to an incredibly weak Republican candidate.

2. That could be because the voters moved right; the candidate was not popular; the economy was poor; the policies of the Dem president made voters oppose demand change; the Dem vote was split; the Dem campaign was inept; the media smeared HRC. Or other factors I did not list.

3. You attribute the loss to the Dem vote was split and the media (including social media) smeared them. Am I mis - characterizing your position? I would suggest that enabling the banks to steal people's homes and presiding over an increasingly crap economy played a role. In that sense it's Obamas fault she lost. Funny really -he made her lose twice when you think about it.

Now for some subsidiary points

When I look at the numbers it looks to me like the loss was due to very small shifts in voter enthusiasm (turnout) among blacks and millenials. Whose job was it to persuade them to back the candidate? Who was targeting the right states? If you blame Sanders or "BernieBots" (and what is the sense antagonizing other potential Dem voters?) does that mean there are absolutely no lessons to be learned here? Podesta did great Mook was fantastic. If only the evil Sanders hadnt performed his judas act all would have been fine ? Is that really why Michigan went Trump?

Which opposition would you have preferred to Sanders? If Malloy had pointed out the fbi was investigating his opponent would that make it his fault she lost? What exactly could she have done to make you think that maybe, just maybe, she wasn't the choice of enough voters? I think your preferred candidate was so fragile that any political attack launched by any candidate would have done her in. It amazes me that you can say "Sanders killed her" without noticing the implied frailty of her campaign. If Bernie Sanders can kill her she shouldn't have run. She was just lucky Cornell West didn't run. Or Tom Brady.

Everyone in my family voted Clinton. What exactly did you want me to do that I didn't do? Trump was a crap candidate. She didn't beat him. It's my fault for preferring Sanders to Clinton? I still voted Clinton! It's my fault for saying mean things about her? That's just silly.

I'm 50 years old. I'm not hip. I don't care.

Bernie Sanders would have lost all 50 states? Yeah maybe. But we won't know now will we? However I can tell you with absolute certainty that HRC lost to Trump. As you predicted. The Dems have lost Congress as well. So how is this outcome better? Bernie would have been slaughtered by the media? Trump was slaughtered by the media and he still won.

I will unhappily admit to being potentially evil although you might be overstating your case. I will do my best to fix it. Quite often we can be poor judges of our own weakness or foolishness. Are you still sure that pride is an issue only for the young?

In very years I will be gone and only the young will be around. They will have their way, it's only a question of when. Persuasion is better than abuse.




Joe -

You remind of a conversation I once had with a girl of 18 (perhaps 19) back when Kucinich was running for President. Here is what she said to me:

"I defy you to come up with one major change in this country which took a long time to happen."

(The answer, for you SAYDs/BernieBots/whathaveyous out there, is "That's easy - all of them.")

How she could have taken even ONE history class and still maintained this belief, well, I really don't know what to say.

This is who voted for him.

Bernie Sanders promised a revolution, vote for him and poof! free college, great jobs, low-cost health care, and on and on, achieved through the sheer force of his Bernieness.

When Obama was running, he "Yes, we can!" BUT also "It won't be easy, we have to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work." ...but they ignored the second part and convinced themselves that he would - as the late Bartcop put it - "bring them a pony."

Bernie just said, vote for me, and you won't have to do anything else, I will do it all for you.

And woe to anyone, however good, however kind, however accomplished and capable, who said otherwise.

At least, whoever was on the left. The right they left alone (or worse, parroted them or even joined them), as long as they attacked those who disagreed with them.

Sergei Rostov
Harry @ 8:46 AM I was well aware that Cohen had basically flipped off Donald Trump so I didn't expect him to be employed. But apparently he was asked to submit some names which were then rejected with an insult. The signs are that the whole recruitment process has been haphazard with one Trump group not knowing what the other was doing and no real idea before Trump unexpectedly won who they would get to do the jobs.

Look at the current applicant quality (or lack thereof). We now have Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, taking on the role of Shadow President. Trump has requested that Kushner be given top security clearance and be allowed to attend the Presidential Daily Security Briefings. This is a guy who nobody voted for and whose government experience is zero. Yet apparently he is the last person to consult with Trump on important decisions. What's going on?

The Eliot Cohen tiff with the Trump team has a touching irony to it. Cohen has argued forever for attacks on Iran and he might just get it courtesy of Trump. Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani are both backers of the MEK and they are Trump admin front runners.
You know, I think the smart voice for my iTunes is a Millennial. I asked for Wagner (I have only one Wagner song, several versions of the Prelude to Tristan and Isolde), and she (the voice) asked Do you mean Ludwig van Beethoven, Van Morrison, Vanilla Fudge, Vangelis, Vaughn Monroe, Herbert von Karajan, Thorstein Veblen (audio book), Mark Twain (audio book), Vanessa Redgrave (movies), The Girl With The Pearl Earring (movies)? Then she asked More Choices?
For what little its worth Fred, Im an "associate" of various political types so they occasionally drop little snippets about whats happening in Republican-stan. The latest installment is that team-Trump has found that they cant get serious policy people to agree to work for them. Which is why he is calling in the Republican aristocracy and asking them to put the word out that it is ok to work for team Trump. I think the bottom line problem they have is there are no policies. So its hard to get "serious" people to sign on when they have no idea what they are putting their name to. Besides, what if Trump only lasts 4 years and is then considered radioactive - its not such a weird scenario. Hence why Trump tower saw visits from Romney etc.

Yes the neocon foreign policy community is aghast at Trump telling them to f themselves. But really, what good are those idiots anyway? Im just jealous I cant tell Doug Feith to f himself too. There arnt so many fpolicy experts in the US who are not neo-cons. Really you have paleo-cons and neo-cons. I prefer the paleo-cons to the neocons cos I dont really have a chance of Prof. Stephen Cohen being invited to advise on FP.

As for Kushner, I will say that he appears to be one of the few people who has distinguished himself with his loyalty to team Trump. Im not surprised the Chief Cheeto wants him involved in his staff. Especially when you consider what Kushner's family must have thought about the marriage to a Trump in the first place. You think the top NY Jewish real estate families wanted to marry into the Trump name? Kushner married down (albeit to a hottie), and Trump is grateful. And of course, unlike many of the people associated with Trump, Kushner is smart. I have nothing against him getting an advisor job with the appropriate security clearance subject to background check. Which by the way, probably rules Rudy Guiliani out. He doesnt fancy having his stuff looked at. Im not surprised given the rumours.


Oh, Joe... this is why I keep coming back. You raise a lot of valid inconsistencies in the narrative from my group; if you can't remember the facts, or what they mean, then your opinion is just that, and it doesn't automatically deserve a stage to be heard, or recognized as a salient thought. I'm appalled by the completely lack of research done before they repost fake news, or the vehemence they use when taking stances that don't even seem to affect them. That being said, every generation is filled with ne'erdogooders, nowitalls, cheats, liars, criminals, and heroes. I just don't want to see my generation written off without, at the very least, a culling of the worthy minds, prior to disregarding the rest.

Discourse like ours is how they will learn. I plead you and your readers don't give up so easily; we HAD to learn MS Office just to get A white collar job. I have senior coworkers that can't use a simple Excel macro, let alone tally a column, let alone find the standard deviation of a data set. We all had to go to college and find two years of work experience to get an "entry level job," which usually meant working for a relative (help), or interning (lowered self worth). That isn't to say that help or interning isn't worthwhile, but when it becomes institutional on the coat tails of 17 years being told "what we promised will be there," disenfranchisement and disconnection become common place. Why pay attention to politics when politicians are half the reason you're in this muck? The answer is, that's exactly why you need to pay attention. But that takes decades of maturity, which has been basically non-existent from the election narrative, replaced by monologues from Peter Thiel, Roger Stone, Breitbart, lovely alt-right "news," and an endless lack of maturity that didn't instruct the youth "this is why you need to pay attention, and by pay attention, I mean shut the fuck up, listen, reflect, critically analyze, and learn your ass something about what you speak on, knowing nothing." Instead, we were inundated with falsities, lead by people we are supposed to be respecting.

But hey, Desiigner made my son love Pandas, Kim's robbery outshined multiple shootings, and I have to eat my words because this:

Until next time! Keep up the good work.
Oh I forgot to add,

Yes, totally haphazard. Someone told me that they didnt know they had to fill all the WH jobs. They assumed the lower ranking jobs were long term staff and didnt turnover with new Presidents. Which is another reason why they have been calling around other campaigns asking for names.

What makes me think they didnt really expect to win?

I'm from a blue state, so I traveled to PA every weekend in September to help register voters and then in October to canvass for Hillary. It gave me a whole different perspective on the effort required for the working poor to actually get to the polls.

There were even more heartbreaking obstructions in North Carolina due to revisions in the Voting Rights Act.

And of course, the Republican loyalist whose job it was to allocate resources for early voting locations proudly bragged that she wasn't opening any near college campuses because "those students vote Democrat".

Voter suppression efforts were in overdrive this year. The idiots who voted third party and the lazy idiots who didn't bother to vote should be ashamed. They should have cast their votes in honor of the people in this country who are disfranchised by in some way by the system. And they should have cast that vote for the only candidate who would have worked to remedy the injustices that they encounter every day.

The narcissistic social justice poseurs could have used their votes as a tool rather than as a weapon. People were counting on them. Instead they instead joined the deplorables.

I hope they can get used to the utter contempt they're facing this week. It ain't going away any time soon.

You are certainly correct when you rather bewilderingly boast that your generation is "moralistic". The OED defines the word as "overfond of making moral judgements about others' behavior".

When the SAYD generation appointed you spokesperson, did they know that you have a propensity for using big words that you don't understand? Were they aware that your doing so (as their appointed spokesperson)would open them to richly deserved ridicule? Do you think that your ineptitude will lead them to moralistically define you as "soiled"?

I hope it does, dear. You reap what you sow.

"Isn't it simpler (occams) to argue that the candidate was wrong, the campaign was weak, and the policies didn't enthuse?"

Of course your argument fails utterly because it doesn't explain why Hillary won the popular vote. "Simple" is not the same thing as "facile". It seems that your cohort has a problem with the meaning of words. (See Moralistic Morgan for more information.)

As for the policies not "enthusing", I'm surprised that a bernieorbust-er* like you would badmouth the most progressive platform that the Democrats have run on in decades. I guess you guys really are fauxgressives.

How does it feel to have been ratfucked by Roger Stone?

"Claiming to be a 50 year old "old man" whose entire family voted for Hillary while employing pretentious constructions and referencing Occam's Razor as if the adults in the room don't know what it means is a dead giveaway that you are a millennial berniebro posing as someone we should actually take seriously.
Hi Joseph,
I'm absolutely certain you have already or will soon see this story anyway, but just on the off chance it slips by... this is one of those things you talked about before the election.


I do have very good skin so sometimes people mistake me for late 30s.

I didn't invent the electoral college system. I do acknowledge that people on the coasts have been doing way better than people in the mid west. So I'm not so surprised the coastal vote heavily favored Clinton. But surely her campaign should have won Michigan and Pen? If she had she would have won.

I guess you missed that I voted Clinton. Isn't a Bernie or Buster someone who didn't vote HRC?

How does it feel to be r - fucked by Stone? See above.

One small question. Some of us might prefer a platform a little more left wing than others. Parties are always coalitions of interests. Are you telling me that people like me are not welcome in the Dem party?

I'm not sure what I said which makes you think I deserve to be insulted. Forgive me but swapping insults is not interesting to me so I won't retaliate. If you would prefer to think of me as young feel free to. But I will admit to being a slightly irritated by the "berniebros" label. I think it was designed to demean another point of view. If so do you not think it might have reduced turnout very slightly among such voters?

Best wishes

Give it a rest, Harry. Your text and subtext give you away. Subtlety is not your strong suit, and no one's here to answer your many smarmy, rhetorical questions.

Weaponized votes, likes elections, have consequences. Learn to live with them.

Va te faire foutre,

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