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Thursday, November 03, 2016

"Russia is not the source"

Assange now says that Russia is not the source of the documents coming into Wikileaks. Of course, he has reason to lie, and RT (which is conducting the interview) has reason to want him to lie.

Still, I'm beginning to think that this argument is in part true. Hillary was hacked via Huma, and Huma was hacked via her husband. And he was hacked by a loose network of Breitbart operatives, back in 2011.
It's very believable. Look, I don't want to be saying ITYS, but I haven't believed the Russians did it for weeks. Once we learned that this was just a social engineering hack, a "state" actor becomes unnecessary (except as a cover).

I think it is even possible that the hackers were the techies in the NY Field office themselves. They could also have planted the 650K emails. Clearly they've gone over the edge; if deliberately violating DOJ policy and the Hatch act is okay, then why not identity theft and fabrication of evidence? Clinton is "satan" and must be stopped (they believe).

After November 8th, lets rain the swamp at the FBI, I say.

I'm waiting for the MSM (beyond WSJ) to latch onto this story and expose it. (They may not, because you know how the media love their anonymous sources.)
Addendum: I used to think Assange was a bit of a hero, but I no longer do. Let him rot in a US penitentiary for 40 years.
You've been right about everything so far. I hope your wrong about Tuesday.
Was about six months ago when the FBI put out a call for hackers because APPLE would not help the FBI hack into a terrorist's cell phone from the France bombing? Then a week or two later the FBI said "never mind", we found hackers who could get into your phone.
Well, why not keep those hackers working? Keep em working or lose them.
All our national spy agencies say it's Russia. I'm going with 's 's them. The important thing to notice, and few have, is how often Russia has been messing with other country's elections, see Montenegro. The oour ther thing is that you have been telling your readers how wonderful is. I said that site was simply a Russian propaganda site. I was right, you were wrong.
I'm not going to speak to moon of A, which has a long history. And I STILL believe that the key to peace in Syria is to give up on the dream of regime change.

I'm convinced that Russia is playing a huge role here -- and it is my understanding that Newsweek will have a major story on that tomorrow, which will, I hope, prove to be a game-changer.

But the initial hack into Hillary occurred in 2011. I am convinced of it. And the actor was not Russia -- unless some Russian temporarily used the cognomen Dan Wolfe. Which, come to think of it, is possible.

Actually, pursuing that subtheory takes us into interesting places. There were occasional indications then that Andrew Breitbart was not really in control of the people feeding him information, and that he mistrusted his sources. And by 2011, the Russia "reset" attitude in DC had given way to the beginnings of the new Cold War mentality.

Y'know, j -- maybe you're onto something here.
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