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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

New site design

I trust that a few of you will comprehend the meaning of our new background image.


Time for a new White Rose Society.
Time for a new White Rose Society.
Have courage my friends.
Time for a new White Rose Society.
Courage my friends!
Perhaps not as radical and vicious as the clinic arsonists.
Is it 'futile' or feudal?

When the numbers are all in the results will be very very close in Michigan, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. I am surprised Hillary Clinton appears to be losing in AZ, and that Ohio went for Trump so strongly With Kasich as Governor.
Do not trust those numbers, Alessandro.
Well Joe, the sun came up this morning, so I guess that's a good thing. Still trying to wrap my head around what has happened to the country and the world at large. Hillary Clinton was far more gracious and generous this morning than I could ever hope to be.

The Resistance begins . . . Now!

Yes, while we wait for the bombs to drop, where do we stand on the vote rigging issue? Greg Palast has something to say about it in Ohio.

At least is should be over now. Today I heard the local radio news going on about it, thousands of miles from America. A girl from Rhode Island who runs a burger joint in Nottingham would like Trump to "listen to Clinton and concede", incidentally.
Thanks for walking us through this election and a giving us a peek at some of what was really going on under the covers. I was prepared albeit dismayed with the ultimate result but it's better than being taken by surprise. Most of my friends thought I was a nut for telling them that it was a possibility. Welcome to the age of the internet election.
Stunned but still stubborn as hell. Resistance sounds good.

NW Luna
How about fixing the Democratic Party first.
I have no problem with my party at this time. And I will not tolerate Hillary-hate or victim-blaming on this site.

So keep that warning in mind, all.
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