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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Much is happening...

I've just finished the project I was doing and, barring revisions, will now be able to get back to covering the attempts to verify this obviously-flawed election. You'll hear my thoughts when I've finished my homework. Right now, here's the reading list:

Clinton joining the Stein effort.

Obama says no election hacking occurred.

Bradblog discusses the difference between a recount and an audit.

WP discusses the Putin factor.

A disturbing tale from North Carolina.

Even without recount, Trump's lead shrunk 5000 votes.

There is much more, but that should get you started. If you have any other headlines to share, please pass them along. I'll be back soon.
The war criminal of Chiltons join the greens. This will be fun
you are living proof that online translators do a really crappy job. You misspelled "Clinton" and forgot to put an apostrophe before the "s", so the translator gave you a third person plural verb form which is clearly incorrect to anyone who actually speaks or writes English.

What was the original language that you were translating from? Russian?

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