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Monday, November 21, 2016

"Hail Trump!"

I think this video removes all doubt that Donald Trump is adored by a neo-Nazi movement.

The Trump-hailer is Richard Spencer, noted hatemonger and author of a book "proving" that Muhammed never existed. A long time ago, I gave that book a semi-positive review. I didn't agree with that work's thesis -- neither, to the best of my knowledge, does any responsible historian -- but I had to admit that Spencer argued fairly, insofar as he included facts which allowed the reader to come to a conclusion differing from his own. At the time I read the book, I didn't know much about the author.

Now I am better informed. The man is terrifying.

And we live in terrifying times. How can Pence expect any reaction other than booing when he walks into a theater? One can associate with Trump or one can walk amongst civilized people. One cannot hope to do both.
Joe Cannon,

Here's a topic I'd like your input on. The alleged story goes that Trump offered the VP spot, originally, to John Kasich (current Christofascist governor of my home state). During the course of the very hostile primaries (maybe the most hostile primaries in American history, even world history), Trump did not bestow upon Kasich a nickname as he did his other opponents. It was said that Trump respected Kasich and felt that Kasich would be needed to secure Ohio. The New York Times reported (which is why the story is in doubt for me, I don't trust the NYT, they're one of the worst and most dishonest news organs on the planet) that one of Trump's sons offered Kasich the position of "most powerful VP in history", like Richard Cheney's Vice Presidency on steroids, with complete control over foreign AND domestic policy. The NYT implies that Trump had no intentions of being President and wanted to hand off the responsibilities to an Cocktail Circuit, Beltway Insider like the seasoned John Kasich.

When Kasich, possibly out of disgust for Trump, turned down the offer, it's said that Trump intended to appoint Chris Christie (a fat fuck of a fascist in the mold of Göring). Paul Manafort didn't want Chris Christie as VP and so arranged for Trump to meet Michael Pence, a Christian fundamentalist theocon governor of Indiana (right next door to Ohio and the state that gave Trump the GOP nomination). Again, this is just rumors, allegedly what happened.

The reason I bring these rumors up is because, I want to know if you think they are true (or if the NYT is being the same lying little shits they usually are). Also, do you think that Trump intends to hand all power of the Presidency to Michael Pence? By taking the position of a figurehead for the GOP powerhouse and vesting real power in an establishment theocon like Michael Pence, this would satisfy Republican leaders (such as Paul Ryan) and Republicans who opposed Trump or who fall behind him (such as those who supported a theocon like Ted Cruz because Trump was seen as a vulgar golden ass).

I can't shake the feeling that Trump is just a marketing tool of a fascist theocon movement that has seized all levels of government, State and Federal.

"When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the Flag and carrying a Cross." - Sinclair Lewis

If you look at who Trump has appointed, most or all of them are Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals like Michael Pence and Ted Cruz.

The CIA Director that Trump wants to appoint, Michael Pompeo, is a Christian fundamentalist. So is Jeff Sessions.

This is a Christofascist takeover. And once they assume power, they will never let it go, not without force and violence.
Sessions is a member of the United Methodist Church which is moderately conservative in the South and liberal in the North. So there.
Nothing like the Christian equivalent of Joe Lieberman's orthodox Judaism for example.
JSL, there are Trump links to Citizens United, the Koch brothers and the anti-Muslim video "Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West."

James B. Taylor sits on the board of Citizens United which gave money to the Charles Martel Society, a white nationalist group which pits itself against Islam. For a time he was also vice president of the National Policy Institute. Richard Spencer was the headline speaker at a 2016 NPI conference.

None of these groups accept the political legitimacy of their opponents. No wonder they are prepared to back an ego-driven narcissistic demagogue, a nut job for whom everyone else is just a footnote to their life. If people truly understood this man's pathology they would march on Washington en masse.

Your account of an offer to John Kasich to basically run the presidency is quite believable. Trump can't handle the work. He just wants the adulation and the money.
These Christians have planned a takeover, forever, from the ground up. Not like these lefty and indie "purists" who somehow think a SAVIOR will come and do it all for them, once every four years. So who are the real religious nuts?

Well, those christofascists are the most effective, and the reason why I mention Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale all the time. It's happened again and again in history and Margaret Atwood brilliantly imagined how it would happen here and now. I knew from the minute I read it how possible it was.

The United Methodists of the American South are not moderately conservative, they are hardcore motherfuckers. Aswell, there is nothing 'moderate' or 'centrist' about Senator Session's legislative and moral record, he is so Far Right, he drove off the cliff of reality. So have his cohorts. By Christian standards, he is a fundamentalist Methodist (if you wish to include the Methodist title in there).


Chris Hedges, whom I do not always agree with, has just put out a new article.

"We Are All Deplorables":

It is one of the best write-ups and analysis I've ever seen from Hedges. In case you don't know, he has his own short segment on RT called 'On Contact'. Every episode of 'On Contact' is available for free on YouTube.

As for his new article, it ties in with what I tried to say in my above post. That this is a full fledged Christian overthrow of government, a combination of Christian and corporate power, and that a 'shadow civilization' (as I call it, though some would call it a 'breakaway civilization') has usurped power.

Journalist Jeff Sharlet tried to warn about this 'shadow civilization' several years ago, but was ignored.

He wrote, most notably:

The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power
C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy

Donald Trump is a mask for the C Street movement. Michael R. Pence is the true power behind the throne.
In 1986, a bipartisan majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee rejected the nomination of Senator Sessions to a federal judgeship amidst charges of 'racial bias'.

For example, Sessions has criticized Civil Rights groups as "Un-American" and "Communist inspired" and accused them (the SPLC, NAACP, ACLU and others) and others of trying to "force Civil Rights down the throats of people".

Relaying this information has killed my brain cells, that is how fucking stupid Sessions is. He is Joseph McCarthy redux, when it comes to stirring up fears of "Communism".

If you still believe that Jeff Sessions, the moderate Methodist, is "moderately conservative" after learning this, I have a fucking boat to sell you. So there.

Oh and as AG, Sessions will initiate a brand new Red Scare. Donald Trump and Michael Pence are not just fascists, you see, all fascists are, first and foremost, anti-Communist. They even kill cats and underage boys to prove that the only "Good Communist is a DEAD COMMUNIST". (a reference to the film '1900', in which the Donald Sutherland portrays the fascist gang leader Attila Mellanchini)

". . . . send that message with clarity that GOOD PEOPLE don’t smoke marijuana." - Jeff Sessions

So Jesse Ventura and myself can fuck off, eh? Over cannabis? REALLY? This country has fallen to shit.

God help us! Clare Lopez has reportedly been short-listed to serve as Trump's Deputy National Security Adviser.

Which means that John Bolton can't be far behind. The ridiculous canard of "Obama as a Muslim" has its origins in a dodgy 2013 report from the Gatestone Institute, working with the neocon Clarion Project which produces alarmist films and publications aimed at hyping the threat of "Radical Islam". It promotes Israeli foreign policy interests including attacks upon Iran. Gatestone is chaired by John Bolton. Clare Lopez is a senior fellow at the Clarion Project.

The nonsense Gatestone-Clarion report alleged that Muslims were involved in a decades-long plot to infiltrate the US government and spread Sharia law in North America. And that the Obama administration had been infiltrated by Islamic extremists tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. It was complete BS.

All of which seems to fit in with the latest Muslim-registration policy document drafted by another Trump admin candidate Kris Kobach.

The whole anti-Islam gang is getting a run. What could possibly go wrong.
Listening to the excerpts it didn't sound like he was refering to Jews as "soulless golem" but to the entire Left? "It's not just they are stupid cucks but people at all..."

I need to find the entire video (if it's available).

Either way, the neo-nazis are not at all worried about doing this openly in an easily seen venue. It's time to remember there are other machines which kill fascists, too....

Because come 2017 they will be coming for us.
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