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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Yes, he'll go there (Added note: Assange's latest threat)

Added note: After writing this post, I learned that Julian Assange has promised to reveal something on Tuesday that will end Hillary Clinton's White House bid. It's October; here's your surprise. Unsurprisingly, Roger Stone plays a huge role here.
Stone tweeted early Sunday morning, “Wednesday@HillaryClinton is done. #Wikileaks.”
As Media Matters notes -- and as I have noted in previous posts -- there is a high likelihood that Assange will release documents that have been modified by the Russians, as has occurred before.

Just minutes ago, Assange cancelled the planned Tuesday "balcony announcement," citing security concerns. However, he may still be making an announcement via satellite.

C'est tout -- for now. Please be advised that I am still predicting a Trump victory. Below the asterisks, I give you my original post, which may well be related to the above.

* * *

Trump has made it quite clear that he plans to make Bill Clinton's infidelities the main topic of the next debate. This, despite the fact that the country learned all and forgave all many years ago: Republicans talk about the Clintonian wee-wee when none of their inane conspiracy theories pan out.

When Trump "goes there," he won't just be talking about Monica. He'll bring up a whole basket ('tis the season for baskets) of greasy allegations, only some of which have a basis in reality. His Bible will be the Roger Stone/Robert Morris volume, The Clintons’ War on Women.

We've talked about Stone at great length in previous posts. No need to rehash all of the reasons why so many people consider him a human tapeworm.

We've also paid some attention to the ever priapic Robert Morris -- in fact, he once contributed to the comments section of this humble blog. He tends to wear a jester's cap these days. (Roger Stone, an alleged expert in men's fashion, has also shown a tendency toward clownish couture.) Although Morrow claims to be bisexual, his obsession with large-breasted women is embarrassing even by my standards -- and I'm the guy who watched the roller-skating sequence in Career Opportunities so many times, I wore out the tape.

This article brings us up to speed on Morrow:
Morrow Has Hoped For Hillary Clinton’s Death. In his posts on social media, Robert Morrow, the co-author of The Clintons’ War on Women, has hoped for “angry bull dyke” Hillary Clinton’s death, saying “the Taliban was created to deal with people” and that “I hope” both Hillary and Bill Clinton “die.” Morrow has also reportedly received a visit from the Secret Service. [Facebook, 4/18/14, 1/16/13; Tampa Bay Times, 2/29/08; Media Matters, 9/3/15]

Morrow Has Written Bizarre Sexual Posts About Hillary Clinton.
Morrow’s writings include bizarre sexual posts about the Democratic presidential nominee, once asking on Facebook whether anyone needed to borrow his “Hillary Clinton blow up doll” since he was “finished with it for tonight.” On May 23, 2015, he asked his Facebook followers “What is a greater threat to the USA: ISIS or Hillary Clinton’s vaginal odor?” Similarly, he said Fox’s Bill O’Reilly “should have to lick Hillary Clinton’s pussy” for being “a lying piece of shit” and “untrustworthy.” Morrow also said that Clinton has “maggots ... coming out of her pussy” and has posted a “Hillary Clinton masturbation update.” [Facebook, 4/24/15, 5/23/15, 3/2/15, 4/17/14, 11/13/13; Media Matters, 9/3/15]
Tampa Bay Times: Morrow "Pretty Much Devotes His Life To Hating The Clintons And Spreading Wild, Unsubstantiated Allegations About Them."
From a 2008 profile:
"Chelsea is the seed of Web Hubbell and not Bill Clinton. Would I bet my life on it? No. I would bet my pickup truck," he declares between bites of salmon. "Hillary Clinton was sleeping with both of her law partners, Webb Hubbell and Vince Foster. And she's a lesbian, too."
Believe it or not, the above-quoted article piece does not go far enough. It gets weirder. Yes, even weirder.

You see, Robert Morrow has (allegedly) broken with Trump and Stone because Morrow champions the "rape" lawsuit brought against Donald Trump.
The Austin Chronicle reported that Robert Morrow — chairman of the Travis County Republican Party — will join the ranks of protesters expected outside the appearance at Austin’ Luedecke Arena.

“Donald Trump’s psychopathy has been on full display on the national political stage for over a year,” said Morrow in a press release. “I want folks to know that Trump is a child rapist and that he is currently being sued in a civil action in NY federal courts for raping, slapping an 13-year-old girl at a Jeffrey Epstein party in 1994. Trump also threatened to murder the girl, now age 35 and a Jane Doe plaintiff, and also murder her family if she ever told how he (Trump) sexually abused her.”
Savor it, folks. If Trump cites anything in the Stone/Morrow book, he will be acknowledging the "scholarship" of Robert Morrow, a man who also says that Donald Trump is guilty of raping a child.

As it happens, this humble blog has devoted several posts to the Trump rape allegations: See here and here and here. Although the plaintiff is called "Jane Doe" in recent filings, she was originally named as "Katie Johnson." As it happens, Obama used to have an attractive assistant named Katie Johnson, who just happens to be the same age as the plaintiff in the suit against Trump.

So far, I've seen no evidence that "Jane Doe" (and her friend "Tiffany Doe") actually exist. The story told in the Complaint strikes me as unpersuasive and lacking in the kind of personal detail one finds in actual legal complaints. It's all just too pat, too melodramatic, too stereotypical. My suspicion -- which I cannot prove -- is that this whole lawsuit is an elaborate con, the purpose of which is explained here.

I also think that the originators of this hoax (if hoax it is) picked the name "Katie Johnson" as a kind of inside joke.

Moreover, I posit that Stone and Morrow themselves came up with this whole "Trump as rapist" angle in order to send pro-Clinton researchers down a false trail. Why do I suspect Stone and Morrow? Many reasons. Bottom line, those two guys love sleaze and dirty tricks. There is also the disquieting fact that a Miami gossip columnist named Jose Lambiet was flogging the "Trump as rapist" story at a time when everyone else had decided to ignore it it. Lambiet, coincidentally enough, has written positively about Roger Stone in the past. They seem to be friendly. 

Please note that Trump has not sued Morrow, even though Morrow openly calls Trump a rapist, and even though Trump has threatened legal action against David Cay Johnston and other critics who have made less spectacular accusations.


The "Rapist Trump" story was also pushed by RT, which is otherwise in the tank for Trump. Once again: Telling. To me, this whole "child rapist" allegation is obviously part of some master plan concocted by the dirty tricksters working for Team Trump.

Bottom line: Whether or not "Katie Johnson" actually exists, it is still the case that Trump cannot cite the Stone/Morrow book, because doing so would bestow credibility on a writer who calls Donald Trump a child rapist.

On the other hand, maybe something even worse is a-brewin'. Trump and Epstein are friends. They may have worked up a smear against Bill Clinton. As we've seen in a previous post, there were a flurry of stories that Clinton went on some sort of "sex vacation" on Epstein's island -- stories based on a deliberate falsification of Virginia Roberts' testimony.

Given the relationship between Trump and Epstein, I don't see how Trump can use this kind of dirt without encasing himself in filth. On the other hand, it is possible that Trump and Epstein have come up with one doozy of a scheme...

On another note: Many of you are probably wondering what I think about the 1995 Trump tax return acquired by the NYT. To be honest, I'm queasy about this story. The Times probably should not have published tax material acquired under shady circumstances.

That said, I think that the best response came from Micah Zenko, republished by Digby...
How does a business genius lose $916M in a year the stock market returned 37%?
To which Digby added: "Seriously, people. This business genius lost money in the biggest economic expansion of our lifetime."
Maybe the balcony appearance has been cancelled because Putin and friends are not the only people who can be sneaky.

What if the Clinton campaign and/or the Obama Administration is cutting a deal with Assange?

"We'll see that you never face charges in the USA, and we'll do what we can, which is quite a lot, to get the foreign charges against you dropped so you can live freely again. In exchange, you sit on everything you have not released yet."

Does that sound plausible?
Stein, though an MD, plays footsie with anti-vaxxers.

Johnson is a pothead who seems fuzzy on geography.

Trump is--Trump. 'Nuff said.

Clinton 2016--Because America needs a grown-up in the White House.
plausible...but unfair to Snowden.
Why isn't someone looking into the fonts and kerning on the tax returns. I'll bet they match a version of Word that wasn't available until 2016.
Ivory Bill: I don't think that a deal of that sort has been cut. The mere suggestion of such a plan would give Assange ammunition -- after all, there is no way to communicate with him in a totally secure fashion.

It should be noted that the FBI recovered many (perhaps most) of the so-called "deleted" emails -- which Hillary herself did NOT delete. Thus, any Russian attempt to create fake emails could be undercut by the revelation of the REAL emails.

On the other hand, the schemers could have come up with a way to backstop the fakes in order to make them seem credible and independently verifiable. That's what I would do.

On the OTHER other hand...for a while now, I've been planning to write a post on the role potentially played by the NSA. The Agency has EVERYTHING. You can be sure that there is a recording of every sentence, word and phoneme uttered by Julian Assange, even if he is merely talking about food with his Ecuadoran hosts.

Both Obama and Clinton have strongly hinted that there is an ongoing investigation of ties between Team Putin and Team Trump. Communications involving non-United States actors can be intercepted and published legally. If US persons are involved in a discussion with a foreign entity, the communications can still be legally intercepted if the discussion involves a major crime.

I don't think that the Trumpers have given much thought to the security of their communications with the Russians and with Assange. They're too impulsive and reckless.
Michael, a possible font problem is the reason why the NYT tracked down the (retired) tax preparer, who authenticated the document.
There is so much to think about here. But why would Trump tip off his opponent about what he's going to say in the debate? On the face of it, that would be stupid. But when previous events have boosted him in the polls, I've thought "this campaign is brilliant". When he threatens to talk about what Bill Clinton did more than 16 years ago with his pee-pee, might he be feinting? In that scenario, he'll throw punches related to Benghazi and emails rather than Hillary's husband's notoriously helical knob.

Assange previously said he'd bring Clinton down before the first debate. There is little doubt that Assange is working for the Trump campaign and that uncertainty is being wielded in a conscious way. Those bastards know what they are doing. It's not desperate; it's clever.

And...Tuesday? So how does the vice-presidential debate fit in? Soon we'll find out.
Trump is big in real estate. Casino assets tanked. If Trump and Trump companies have filed for bankcuptcy 4 times is this really a surprise
The only 'sex stuff' that can bring Clinton down is the rape'attack stuff. Broadrick/willey/jones

Consensual stuff will be zilch
Joseph, you need to see this video. Everyone here needs to see this video put out by Vox.

Democrats are in deep trouble — even if Hillary Clinton wins
"Since Obama's election, the Democratic Party has been obliterated at the state level."

I'm going to vote the Democratic Party down the entire ballot, once I receive my absentee ballot (which are suppose to be sent out on the 12th of this month). If the GOP continues to control the Legislatures and Executive offices of most State governments, and continues to control the Legislature (the Congress) at the Federal level, our nation will decline with Hillary at the helm. She will be blamed for it, even though her powers will be so curtailed that she will be powerless to do anything to stop it. A Trump victory this November is not the only thing we have to worry about. We have to worry about the Republican Party controlling the majority or most of the 50 State governments, and maintaining a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate (however slight in the Senate).

I can't help but feel totally fucked, no matter how much I scream and cheer for Hillary. Being a Hillary cheerleader won't save me. I don't know what to do. I feel helpless and powerless AND meaningless, like a majority of America has gone completely insane and fundamentalist (both Christian fundamentalism and Market fundamentalism).

There is a new book out, written by a devout Christian, it's called the Market as God. It was recently published by Harvard University Press. It attempts to rebuke Market fundamentalism and I suggest you all read it. Unfortunately, it has terrible reviews on Amazon, but then, so do all of Hillary's books. So does any book that dares attempt to say one nice thing about Hillary Clinton. I feel like a majority of Americans are so brainwashed that they view her as the Devil incarnate. And to make matters worse, she's a female, which is perhaps, by most accounts, the biggest handicap of all.

I think might be right that the rape charge is some kind of trick. The things that hearten me are that 1) tricks don't always work. 2) Donald is "this" close to snapping. (and if it was Marla that released the taxes, he's gonna blow) The fallout from a complete meltdown would make the rape charge irrelevant.

He's really unstable right now and any injury from a woman just drives him mad.

Turns into must watch tv, that's for sure.

Someone's bringing pressure to bear on Assange is my guess. Gonna be an interesting few weeks.
@Gerry: yes. Fourteen hours ago, Stone tweeted this, linking to this from 2001, which alleges that Bill Clinton raped three women: Juanita Broaddrick, Eileen Wellstone, and Elizabeth Ward Gracen; sexually assaulted four others; and made unwelcome sexual advances and post-incident threats or character assaults against many others.

The way they are telegraphing this makes me wonder whether they are "allowing" Hillary Clinton to withdraw her presidential bid in response to Wikileaks's move on Tuesday, before the vice-presidential debate that is scheduled to begin 18 hours later.

If the New York Times or some other big media organisation doesn't run a massive story smashing Trump into the ground, by Wednesday at the latest, Hillary Clinton could be in deep trouble. Maybe that will teach her for pulling her punches against Trump. It's not enough for her to say sweetly that Trump says "crazy things" and that he lives in his "own world"; nor for newspapers to point meekly to his avoidance of tax. The Clinton side needs its own October surprise. Bring it fucking on, and when the fascist sons of bitches rise up, even if it's before election day, send in the army and national guard. And if they are insufficiently loyal, ask for Russian help. No, wait a minute, maybe that won't work. So up the ante some other how.
Marla Maples, yesterday:

"#FallLove Breathe it in as if 2day's the first day of your life. The kabbalist's say 2nite Adam&Eve were created. So we can begin again. 2",

with a picture of a pumpkin patch.

What does she mean by the pumpkin patch? That her ex-husband Donald Trump is a moron for underestimating her?
I think that in your eighth paragraph, you typed "Robert Morris" when you meant "Robert Morrow"

Phil: Thanks for the correction; I will make the change.

b: Marla Maples' twitter feed is pretty freaky. I think that she is simply given to New Agey vagueness, but if I were more paranoid, I could read all sortsa stuff into her tweets! I do note, though, that Susan Sarandon seems to be on friendly terms with her.
b: Stone's link to that stuff proves that he is reaching. All of this has been dealt with previously. I note, for example, that he references the alleged "note of apology" that Bill Clinton supposedly gave to one Denise Reeder, while he was governor. This noted stunned me when I first saw it in a right wing book during the mid 1990s -- but then it came out that the note was faked.

What Stone doesn't understand is that if one can prove ANY of the claims to be fakes created by Clinton's enemies (easily done), then the public comprehends that the Clinton's enemies are willing to sink to that level.
When someone says it's going to be an interesting few weeks that's makes me mad. Doesn't anyone feel for America anymore? utter humiliation and embarrassment at the prospect of that becomes the president is what everyone should be experiencing now. I am sorry but I am freeking out
And now others are saying that the pumpkin patch photo and the Qabalistic comments are indicative of a Marla plan to unsettle Trump. Jeez...well, MAYBE.

I know a thing or two about Qabala, and I just don't see it. But she may have learned a kind of mysticism unknown to me. At any rate, she WOULD have a copy of those returns...
Re Marla Marples' Tweet - I think she refers to Jewish festival Rosh Hashanah, and the pumpkins are probably just symbols for the time of year. I doubt it's any more than that.
The NYT article ended Trump's campaign for all intents and purposes. It was already on life support, but the article killed it off for good.

He never had any realistic chance of winning anyway. The fact the GOP establishment abandoned him for the most part months ago proved to me they had written off the presidential election this year and decided to focus on the Senate and House races.

Nobody gives a shit about Assange and his stupid dumps. He would simply be wasting his time. The presidential contest is over. Trump's campaign cannot be salvaged.

The EV should be along the lines of 1964 or 1936 in favor of the Democrats. We still have five weeks left, so the EV could eventually wind up being close to those results. We can hope.

I think they Hempton is on the money. If you find the trust you will prove Trump is cheating on his taxes. There is no way Trump could afford to crystallize that loss when it occurred.

You will have proof of illegal behavior.

At the rate Putin's Puppet Trump is unraveling, Putin's intelligence service is going to have to produce an utterly convincing fake video of Hillary shooting Vince Foster, for Putin's Other Puppet Assange to release through VladiLeaks.
Harry, I saw that story last night, and I think it is very important. I probably should write about it, but my head isn't in the game at the moment...maybe later tonight.

But thanks for the link. I hope the readers follow it...
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