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Friday, October 07, 2016

The forthcoming sex battle

I'm going to recommend a story I have not finished reading yet. It's a lengthy in-depth investigative piece -- based on new and original research -- into Trump Models. According to the author, Trump followed business practices unnervingly similar to those used by the worst sex traffickers.

(Added note: I've finished reading the article. WOW. Mind blowing stuff. Did you know that Donald Trump placed 14 year-old Ivanka in the "care" of his friend John Casablancas, a known child molester? If the other parts of the investigation are as revealing as this one, then I think we have the single best piece of investigative journalism of the season. Yes, this piece is long -- but it is riveting.)

I urge you to start reading NOW. Before the Sunday debate.

Why? Because we need to comprehend just what sort of person Trump is, in terms of his attitude toward women. He's even worse than you think.

We need to be armed with this information before he launches his hypocritical attack on Hillary Clinton.

You see, everyone is presuming that Trump will talk about Bill Clinton's infidelities. As Trump himself might say: Wrong!

Trump's accusation will be rape. Roger Stone and other surrogates have made that point quite clear. Moreover, Trump is going to make the case that Hillary Clinton led a conspiracy to smear any woman who leveled rape accusations against Bill.

If you're over 40, you may wince and roll your eyes at this: "Haven't we been through all of this already?" Yes we have. But for the under-40s -- most of whom learned what they think they know about history from social media and conspiracy-oriented websites -- all of this material is new.

With an invincible ignorance comparable only to that of Donald himself, younger voters will presume that these rape and sexual abuse accusations never been properly aired before. The smug young will presume that they, the Millennials, are the first people who are sufficiently moral and wise to confront the true nature of Clintonian perfidy. The smug young will presume that their elders swept these accusations under the rug because all previous generations were ethically inferior.

(As you may have guessed, I view the Millennials themselves as inferior. Was there anything like the Alt-Right movement in the 1990s? Was there anything like 4chan or Reddit culture going on then? Perhaps so -- but back then, that kind of open, in-your-face hatred and paranoia existed only on the fringes. This wretched generation has pushed fringe-dwellers into the center of our culture. Shit like this didn't happen in the 1990s.)

Like it or not, we have to be ready to refight the battles of the 1990s. We will have to explain once again the credibility problems besetting the more extreme Clinton accusers. Liberals will have to understand that not every woman making a rape accusation tells the truth. Liberals are going to have to argue that a woman injures her credibility when she takes money from right-wingers.

And then we must take the fight back to Trump himself.

The media finally turned from telling lies about the Clinton Foundation to telling the truth about the Trump Foundation. That pivot came late, but it did arrive. The forthcoming sexual accusations against Bill Clinton require a similar pivot -- and this time, we must be far quicker to hold up the mirror and shine the light back at Trump.

And before you say what I think you are going to say, let me repeat: What an increasingly desperate Donald Trump will place on the table will not --- NOT NOT NOT -- be claims about infidelity. The accusations will be:

1. Bill Clinton committed rape, and

2. Hillary helped him get away with it.

Don't think Monica. Think Juanita.

Are we clear now? Be prepared for it. It's coming. The Big Bill Clinton Rape Debate is coming. Don't kid yourself: Trump really is going to go there.
I'm under 40, but old enough to remember the nineties. You know, the era of Tim McVeigh and the Turner Diaries and Behold A Pale Horse. Meanwhile the alt-Right, who are outnumbered by SJWs among Millenials, complain about immigration and unemployment and share dank memes and rare pepes.
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Stephen, I learned about miserable Milton Cooper BEFORE that book came out -- before he was famous at all, back when he was spewing nonsense about aliens -- so of course, I followed his rise to fame as it happened. You're right about him, to the extent that one can say that Trumpism (in a sense) started with him. Coop paved the way for David Icke who paved the way for Alex Jones who paved the way for Donald Trump.

But Cooperism was still in many ways an underground movement. Throughout his life, most "normal" people didn't know who he was. Right now, "normal" people are getting schooled about Steve Bannon, the Alt Right, and Pepe.

Tim McVeigh was a fringe dweller. If anything, he destroyed the credibility of his part of the fringe for a full decade.

The Turner Diaries? Again: A fringe bestseller. 4chan reaches more people in a day than that book reached in twenty years.
You ever notice how, when Trump hugs his daughter, he slips his hand around and fondles her backside? I kid you not.
MIchael, we've all seen that. But what is REALLY sleazy was the time Trump arranged for Ivanka -- then still a child-- to be handled as a model by the serial child rapist John Casablancas, whose "modelling agency" was in large measure a cover for pedophilia. Moreover, this had already been exposed when Trump arranged for his friend Casablancas to take on Ivanaka.

You really have to read the Kos story at the other end of my first link. My mind was blown apart into a million pieces.
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