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Friday, September 23, 2016

Why? Because emails (Added note)

You've probably seen the headline: Nearly half of the voters in America think that Donald Trump will press the button and send nukes a-flyin'. But here's the detail that really floors me...
Only 22 percent of Trump supporters believe he will start a nuclear war.
"Only"? How the hell can anyone use the word "only" in that sentence? Twenty-two percent of Trump supporters is a lot of people -- millions of people. Millions of people would literally prefer nuclear war to a Clinton presidency.

Why? Because emails. Because..."optics."

Also, she's a woman. And the current Democratic president is black.

Added note: Reader, what are you going to be doing during the debate? Personally, I can't watch -- and I cannot allow myself to be anywhere near a teevee, computer or radio. Sorry to wuss out, but I already have a heart condition and the doc told me to minimize stress. My provisional plan is to head down Fletchertown road in search of Goatman, who cannot possibly be as scary as Donald Trump.

Added added note: Did you know that "Donald Trump" is an anagram for "Mr. Odd Nut Pal"?


I actually think that your idea is a wise one for you and your health.
I am not looking forward to it either and am not sure that I have the heart for it.
M, let's ALL make an outing of it. Instead of watching the debate, we'll go check out the local urban legend. I believe that the term for this is "legend tripping."

Afterward, we'll check the TPM headline and get the gist of how it went.
22% of Trump supporters would actually be about 50% of his primary supporters, aka, his basket of deplorables.
Alessandro, all I know is...deliberately voting for the candidate you think likely to launch nuclear war is beyond foolish. It's so hard core, one can only stand back in awe.

If you're watching the debate, please leave a comment after. If there's bad news, I'd rather hear it from one of my regular readers.
Romney won the first debate and still lost. I think the debates are overblown. Trump will just say something 'outrageos' the next day and the debate will be forgotten

Clinton or Trump will win based on other things.

Let's try and get things in perspective. It would only be a little nuclear war. Check out the video. I think she comes across very well.

Definitely an improvement on her teams previous work.

"Millions of people would literally prefer nuclear war to a Clinton presidency."

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Vladimir, have you lost your mind? You really want this guy in charge of our nukes, MOST OF WHICH ARE STILL AIMED AT YOUR COUNTRY?
I'm a Clinton volunteer on LI and was invited to a debate watching event. We'll meet at the venue, take a chartered bus to Hofstra where we have a permit to gather with pro-Hillary signs. We'll be bused back to the venue to watch the debate together.

I teach at a school in Hempstead where Hofstra is located. Our school is closing an hour early due to anticipated street closures and traffic problems. Wanna make a kid happy on a Friday afternoon? Announce that school is closing early on Monday!
I will be watching the debate inside my fallout shelter, sealed with duck tape and cover as Governor Ridge suggested, and sitting in my bathtub's solution of mosquito repellent.

President Merkin Muffley's protestations notwithstanding, no U.S. President since 1945 has ever prohibited the nuclear option. The present and destined-to-continue nuclear terror fearmongering pales alongside the Reagan cowboy rough-rider administration's first-term contention that the U.S. could win and survive a nuclear exchange. Whether such rhetoric was intended to fund the so-called Star Wars defense shield, to bankrupt the Soviet Union with an escalated arms race, or to initiate nuclear arms reduction is now irrelevant but not entirely forgotten. Reagan professed his belief in the biblical Armageddon; he was not a candidate but the sitting President.

Reagan's 1984 victory was nearly unanimous in the Electoral College.
You made me laugh first and then reminded me of how much of this current shit with the Republicans started with Reagan.
God, how I hate stupidity! And cowardice. Armageddon is just a coward's way of saying, I can't manage and I want a re-set. How in the hell they imagine a better life after a re-set while remaining exactly the same is beyond me.
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