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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bomb Blasts in New Jersey, New York

Update: Here is a photo of the 23rd street (NYC) bombing site after the explosion...

Here, via Google Earth, is a recent image of what the area looked like before the explosion...

Many cable news reports have said that the bomb was dropped into one of those trash receptacles, placed there due to construction.

Nothing specific in the area would make this an attractive target for terrorists. The bomb, though sizable and dangerous, was not massive. This event was designed to set nerves on edge, not to inflict large-scale damage or to take out specific individuals or structures. The desired effect was psychological.

Donald Trump immediately tried to capitalize on this event

I may be updating this post throughout the night. After the asterisks, you'll find the original post I wrote some hours ago.

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For the earlier bombing in New Jersey, see here and here. The bomb went off in a garbage can at the site of a Marine Corps Charity race; no-one was injured. The delayed start of that race is, no doubt, what prevented fatalities.

Terror helps Trump. I expect that not many minutes will pass before the Alex Jonesians argue that Obama or Hillary engineered this event. (Update: I checked. The Infowars crowd are running true to form, screaming False flag and Hillary dunnit. Surprisingly, a few contributors are laying the blame on Team Trump.)

Added: Holy crap. On the same day, we have an even worse explosion in Manhattan. This bomb was also placed in a garbage can.

Also see here...
A possible secondary device has been found at West 27th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenue, according NYPD Special Operations. The area should be avoided, the NYPD said.

The explosion happened in a garbage can around 8:30 p.m. in front of 135 23rd St. between Sixth and Seventh avenues. The FDNY says none of the 24 of of the 29 injured who were hospitalized sustained serious injuries, with scrapes and other injuries. The worst was descriebed the the FDNY as a puncture wound. "It was loud. It was very loud," said Crown Heights resident Fredricke M. Farrell. "I was on 21st Street and the blast sounded like it was right next door."

The explosion happened in front of Selis Manor, an apartment building that assists the blind community.
The NY Daily News site has video of the blast which I've not seen elsewhere.

Plus this, regarding the events in NJ...
Police are looking into a group of men seen near some New Jersey Transit train tracks, one carrying a rifle and wearing camouflage.

Three men were spotted near Glen Ridge Interlocking between Bay Street and Glen Ridge stations around 3 p.m. Aug. 8. An engineer on the Montclair-Boonton line reported one of the men wearing military camouflage, and carrying a rifle and a video recorder.

New Jersey Transit Police said they believe a black SUV spotted nearby belongs to one of the suspects. It was last seen in Glen Ridge heading toward Bloomfield.

The men possibly were shooting a movie, police said, and criminal charges will not be pursued if that's the case.
A movie...? On THIS day, that doesn't seem likely.

Something is going on. The mainstream news won't tell you the full story, and the conspiracy nuts like Alex Jones are going to find someone way to use this to favor Trump. My gut has been wrong before, but right now it is telling me that this is a plot intended to affect the election.
"My gut has been wrong before, but right now it is telling me that this is a plot intended to affect the election."


If we're right about that (I'm guessing that's how Cannon's suspicions are running)--Martin O'Malley compared Trump to "a monkey with a machine gun". So--WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, VLADIMIR? If you get this guy elected, you won't be facing a monkey with a machine gun; you'll be facing a monkey with NUCLEAR-TIPPED ICBMs, MOST OF WHICH ARE STILL AIMED AT MOTHER RUSSIA. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MADOKA-DAMNED MIND?!?

Maybe you think you can get those missiles re-targeted, because you'll have "The Donald" in your pocket. I remind you that your predecessor, Stalin, thought he had "The Adolf" in his pocket. How did that work out for Mother Russia?
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