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Sunday, September 18, 2016

After reading this, imagine a 747 armed with nukes

Haven't been a big Doonesbury fan lately, but oh-my-GOD is this great...
That was pretty funny indeed, I thought maybe you made it at first. It obviously pokes fun at Trump and what an idiot he is. It nailed lots of his regular lines perfectly.

Curious, other stuff I read around here says over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea) that the media only publishes negative stuff against Hillary but a quick Google search shows Doonesbury is published in over 1400 publications daily...nowadays, I'm pretty sure that might be All of them because that is about 1390 more than I can name.

I went to the Doonesbury site and looked at the last few Months and poking fun at Trump seems to be a theme over there (some funny shit) but I saw nothing about Hillary. Nothing about baskets of idiots, coughing, stumbling, nothing at all. Gotta be a joke there somewhere unless...

Why would the slanted media that hates Hillary and wants Trump elected publish anything like this? Just trying to stay on track and follow your writings assuming you are 100% correct about everything so this confuses me.
So a single exception disproves the rule?

Steve, your bridge is getting lonely without you.
>>>Steve, your bridge is getting lonely without you.

I must be part of the basket of despicables because I actually do NOT understand that comment. Maybe you can elaborate for me what it means?


Actually, the term is "basket of deplorables", but close enough.

In the fairy tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, the Troll lurked under a bridge.
I get it...thanks for that clarification. I thought you were maybe telling me to kill myself by jumping off a bridge.
For the record: I do not wish Steve to die prematurely. I merely called him a troll.
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