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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

"Our long national Trumpmare is over..."

Okay, my headline is premature. Trump is not finished -- in fact, he had a big night last night, winning in Mississippi and Michigan. But Cruz won in Idaho, and by a surprisingly wide margin. For the GOP Establishment -- hell, for humanity in general -- Idaho is a good news/bad news joke: The good news is that Trump lost; the bad news is that Cruz won.

Kasich is more likely to win in Ohio than Rubio is likely to win in Florida. If Rubio loses his home state, it's quitting time. Kasich will then emerge as The Establishment Pick -- the NotTrump, the candidate best situated to beat Hillary Clinton.

As for Trump: Many observers have noted a turnaround in the national mood. The American people are starting to have second thoughts about a self-absorbed, ill-informed candidate who brags about his penis during a presidential debate. Debased our culture may be, but we aren't that far gone -- not yet.

At this point in the campaign, Trump should offer apologies, beg forgiveness, admit error -- show humility.

But he can't do it. It's not in his nature. Mr. Donald Trump, meet Mr. Hugh Bris, a visitor from Greece. Oh...I see that you are already well-acquainted!

From the conservative
A new national Washington Post/ABC News survey shows Trump still leading the GOP race, but only commanding 34 percent support. In light of the media's saturation coverage and his string of victories and delegate build-up, you'd expect a strong frontrunner to pull voters onto his bandwagon and begin to pull away. That hasn't happened because Trump is not a strong frontrunner. In fact, Trump's lead has diminished a bit in this series, with all three competitors gaining in this latest snapshot of the race.
According to a WP poll conducted a little more than a month ago, Hillary's favorable/unfavorables were 46/52 and Trump's were 30/67. I'm sure that his unfavorables are worse now.

The same poll has even worse news:

From YouGov:
A narrow majority of Americans (51%) agree with Mitt Romney's assessment that Donald Trump is a 'phony' and a 'fraud', though 31% do disagree. Unsurprisingly a large majority of Democrats (71%) agree that he is a fraud, along with many independents (45%). Half of Republicans, however, disagree with Romney that Trump is a fraud and a phony, though a third do agree.
The guy cannot win in November. Yes, Hillary could lose in Trump/Clinton matchup, but she'd have to do something imbecilic. Presuming she avoids a disastrous error -- a fair presumption -- Trump cannot beat her.

That's why all the Republican bigwigs -- the Masters of Evil -- have Trump in their sites.
GOP leaders, billionaires and tech gurus came together last weekend at the conservative American Enterprise Institute’s annual secretive World Forum in Sea Island, Georgia. It’s a private resort and the yearly confab is always off the record, but a guest told ABC News that Donald Trump and how to stop him was the talk of the halls at the forum.

Attendees included Karl Rove, as well as GOP senators, including Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Ben Sasse of Nebraska (he has already said he will not vote for Trump), Cory Gardner of Colorado, and Tim Scott of Georgia, as well as GOP donors, and tech CEOs, including Apple CEO Tim Cook and Tesla Motors head Elon Musk.

Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol attended and described in an emailed newsletter about the conference that the stop Trump talk was a “specter haunting the World Forum -- the specter of Donald Trump,” borrowing lines from the Communist Manifesto.
Let's stop pretending that the Kristols and the Roves and their confederates no longer count, no longer command any power or influence. Of course they do. Trump may possess the shock of the new, but his opponents have experience and ruthlessness.

Here's an amusing twist: Keith Olbermann lives in a building owned by Donald Trump. Olbermann has decided to move because he can no longer tolerate his landlord.
I’m getting out because of the degree to which the very name “Trump” has degraded the public discourse and the nation itself. I can’t hear, or see, or say that name any longer without spitting. Frankly, I’m running out of Trump spit.
Olbermann makes a point that I've tried to convey in previous columns:
All this coarseness is largely masking the truth that the Trump campaign is entirely about coarseness. Take away the unmappable comb-over and the unstoppable mouth and the Freudian-rich debates about genitalia, and there is no Trump campaign. Donald Trump’s few forays into actual issues suggest he is startlingly unaware of how the presidency or even ordinary governance works.
Precisely. Many liberals and moderates were looking for a candidate who dared to set himself against neocon orthodoxy in foreign policy. But no matter how strong your hatred of neoconservatism, Trump is not acceptable. The man is a fool. He does not read hard books. He writes like a high schooler in a remedial English class. The man is so intellectually incurious that he has never bothered to look up just what it is that the President can and cannot do.

Trump, even more than Bush, believes that he can get through life by hiring smart people to do his thinking for him.

So who would he hire? Well, we know that he has turned to John Bolton as an adviser. If you hate neoconservatism, that name carries the reek of dung and death. We know that he is also led by Roger Stone, a staunch Libertarian and even stauncher hater of Muslims -- basically, he's Pam Geller in hand-sewn trousers. Trump advocates more support for Israel, more bellicosity toward Iran, and more war in Syria. Another key Trump advisor, Sam Nunberg, is the sort of person who feels comfortable calling Barack Obama a "Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser."

Trump -- a crude, bellicose loudmouth whose natural home is the WWE -- does not deserve anyone's protest vote against the neocon consensus.

In his best moments, he speaks to the legitimate grievances of a working class that has seen so many jobs shipped overseas. But he offers no conceptual alternative to neoliberalism. His best friend Roger Stone is a Libertarian, and I think that Trump, deep down, shares the same economic views. I have little doubt that Trump would continue all the evils of "free trade," present assurances to the contrary notwithstanding.

Born to wealth, he offers no alternative to plutocracy. He has no programs. No policies. He never favors his audiences with specifics -- on anything.

His message is simple: The present government is run by "morons." He claims that he is not a moron -- a claim believed only by those dullards and rubes who think that wealthy people must possess genius, or they wouldn't be wealthy. Them dumb: Me smart. That's it. Those four words are all that Donald Trump has to offer.

But even his followers are starting to wonder: If this guy is so smart, why doesn't he know how to behave in public?
Trump has got Jim Webb's vote.
The Republicans have a convention rule that the nominee must have won eight states. That leaves only Trump or Cruz. Trump is a buffoon, Cruz is actively evil
By the way, you still haven't said what you think Oswald's role was in the JFK assassination.
I'm interested to hear what Allan Lichtman (13 Keys to the Presidency) thinks. My understanding of his theory is that the Democrats have a tough road to victory. The Democratic nomination is still contested and Trump may be a charismatic figure to the common voter.

Under Lichtmans theories it wouldn't change if Sanders was the nominee, but could change if Trump isn't the nominee.

He usually offers a prediction years in advance with a big PR push, but hasent yet.
Them dumb, me and China smart, actually.

If Trump wins Florida, he'll win the whole thing. You know, the right to lose to Clinton.
I'm not sure his supporters are "starting to wonder" anything. That said, he can't win the election. God help us please, he can't the election.

I'm really finding myself not caring as much for either Dem candidate, but I won't vote for Trump. I would find him preferable to the other Republicans, for the simple reason that if he does somehow get to the Presidency, the Republican party will be decimated for many years to come. Which might turn out to be a good thing. Of course, the damage Trump could do to the nation could be significant Though I suspect congress will be united in blocking anything and everything he tries to push for.

I still can't believe I'm not trapped in an alternate universe where all sense and reason has been discarded in favor of madness (still hoping, I guess).
Come on, Joseph. It wasn't Trump who introduced the topic of other men's penis sizes into the political discourse; that was done by Foam Boy Marco Rubio, which gives one the nature of his primary focus. (What was he arrested for back in the day on the outskirts of that Miami park?). As for the collusion between Repubs in Ohio and Florida to deny victory to Trump's steamroller, you're whistling in the graveyard. I'm not saying they aren't capable of it, but they won't do it because ego, Hugh Bris, or whoever won't let them. The meeting of oligarchs on the Georgia island may come up with a plan to destroy Trump's campaign, but it won't be based on cooperation between any of the major candidates in the party. I think it's hilarious that the insiders are losing their minds because Trump has already destroyed Jeb and is currently crushing Foam Boy (the Sheldon Adelson choice) and Cruz, the Canadian evangelist. Are you not entertained?
I can't speak for Joseph, but no, Makarov, I am not entertained. I do not want that man to become President.
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