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Thursday, March 10, 2016

A boy ten feet tall

This blog usually ignores this sort of human interest story. But how can I resist this letter written by a third grader to Donald Trump?

Young Mr. Wheeless may be the most astute political commentator I've encountered so far this campaign season.
“How would you feel if people said some of these terrible things about you that I have heard you say about them? I would like to know if you would want your young children or grandchildren hearing the things that you say about people? Do you ever feel sorry about the things that you say that are hurtful to others? I have never heard you apologize.”
No you have not, Mr. Wheeless. Mr. Trump appears to be incapable of humility.

That is why he will lose.

But you know what scares me? This man's inability to say "I'm sorry" is also one of the reasons why he is so popular. Trump loves to play the role of Mr. Big Shot, because he understands that most Americans are just Little Shots: They will never be rich or important or powerful, and they know it. These people look at Trump and think: "If I had money, I'd be just like that guy. I'd say whatever I pleased, to anyone I pleased. And I wouldn't care what anyone thought of me."

Trump acts the bully because many Americans secretly like bullies.

But many others do not. And this, as I say, is why he shall lose.
The H word is the key. A pastor asked Trump if he ever was humbled and Trump said no. I have to find the article as I find it fascinating. Have we ever had a president devoid of humility?
Trump will lose? Me thinks you (Joseph) overestimate the American public. Bullying has become an essential part of our nation's culture and identity. (And foreign policy.) We revere bullies.
This kid would make a better Prez than Tribblehead would.
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