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Monday, February 15, 2016

Scalia-noia, Sanders, and Windows 10 spyware. Plus: I hereby ORDER you to eat your garlic!

The Guardian used to be one of the world's great progressive journals. So why do they want us to stop worrying and love Al Qaeda?

Scalia death theories.  Even Red State has taken note of the absurdity:
I guess the story is supposed to go that the pillow is evidence that Scalia might have been suffocated, as opposed to the fact that he just sleeps with his head under a pillow, as tons of people do. How, pray tell, is that supposed to have worked? Scalia’s body was not found until Scalia the person had been missing for quite some time, so his would-be assassin was clearly not in a hurry.

One would think that a would-be assassin of an aged and ailing Supreme Court Justice who wanted to make his death look like an accident by smothering him with a pillow might have, you know, bothered to remove the pillow from Scalia’s head so as not to arouse suspicion after he was done with the act, but apparently reasonable thinking is not the currency anyone is trading in today.
My ladyfriend sleeps with a pillow over her head. Sometimes it covers her entire face; sometimes, I can see her open, drooling mouth. It's adorable. I'm sure that Justice Scalia looked adorable as well.

This latest conservative meltdown makes me giggle. To paraphrase a line from It's a Wonderful Life: "Look, Daddy! Teacher says that every time a conservative says something moronic, a Democrat gets a vote."

The Difference. Krugman takes a look various forms of madness aroused by Scalia's demise -- and then he zooms out to take in a wider view:
But simply pointing to rising partisanship as the source of our crisis, while not exactly wrong, can be deeply misleading. First, decrying partisanship can make it seem as if we’re just talking about bad manners, when we’re really looking at huge differences on substance. Second, it’s really important not to engage in false symmetry: only one of our two major political parties has gone off the deep end.

On the substantive divide between the parties: I still encounter people on the left (although never on the right) who claim that there’s no big difference between Republicans and Democrats, or at any rate “establishment” Democrats. But that’s nonsense. Even if you’re disappointed in what President Obama accomplished, he substantially raised taxes on the rich and dramatically expanded the social safety net; significantly tightened financial regulation; encouraged and oversaw a surge in renewable energy; moved forward on diplomacy with Iran.

Any Republican would undo all of that, and move sharply in the opposite direction. If anything, the consensus among the presidential candidates seems to be that George W. Bush didn’t cut taxes on the rich nearly enough, and should have made more use of torture.
Beyond that, there are huge differences in tactics and attitudes. Democrats never tried to extort concessions by threatening to cut off U.S. borrowing and create a financial crisis; Republicans did. Democrats don’t routinely deny the legitimacy of presidents from the other party; Republicans did it to both Bill Clinton and Mr. Obama. The G.O.P.’s new Supreme Court blockade is, fundamentally, in a direct line of descent from the days when Republicans used to call Mr. Clinton “your president.”
I'll say it again: A vote for Bernie is a vote for the whackadoodle Republican party. A socialist cannot win the general election, because 69 percent of the public has told pollsters that Big Gummint is our biggest problem.

The Republicans know this. They want to run against Bernie. That is why they are sending false pro-Bernie trolls throughout Blogistan Left.

You say Hillary is rotten on foreign policy? I freely admit it. I've been making that very point for years now. But Bernie is no better:
For a person to say they are opposed to U.S. wars while supporting and voting for a candidate who is not 100% opposed to all wars is straight-up hypocrisy. And Sanders doesn’t come anywhere close to 100%. Indeed, he’s closer to 0%: Sanders supports current US engagements in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and Ukraine.

Sanders also participates in the dangerous provocation of Russia and Iran, and is vague, at best, on the Israel Palestine issue (he typically votes for funding to Israel and supported their 2014 war on Gaza).

To make matters worse, Sanders has said he would continue Barack Obama’s deadly drone program, which is to say he supports the way wars will be waged in the future. This is the same drone program that results in the killing of innocent people.
Windows 10: Is this true? I don't seem to be able to embed this Russian video (with subtitles), so I'll link to it. You can get the details quickest if you pause the video, turn off the audio, and scroll from one subtitle to the next.

Basically, this video says that Windows 10 takes a screenshot of your desktop at regular intervals and sends the results off to Microsoft. If this is true, then every measure you've taken to insure your privacy -- such as the use of Tor or a VPN -- is useless.

I had 10 on my system for about twenty minutes. Hated it. (The flat "modern" look is just plain ugly.) So I wiped the C drive and went back to 7. By this point, any dangers associated with 7 are well-known. (My advice: Never update. Updates are simply Microsoft's way of jacking into your system. Microsoft updates don't protect you from spyware -- the updates inject spyware.)

Health matters. In the past month-and-a-half, I've had a heart attack, an excruciating dental abscess, and a seriously twisted ankle. Throughout it all, the thing that bothered me most was Donald Trump.

The abscess caused my face to redden and swell like -- well, like Donald Trump's face. About 800 milligrams of Advil dampened the pain -- and then I read that heart patients who take too much Ibuprofen tend to (yikes!) die. You'd think that my doctor would have mentioned that little fact.

Why didn't I go to the dentist? Because I hadn't the money for a root canal, and an extraction would have left me bereft of a necessary tooth.

What I needed was amoxicillin, so I ordered some online. By a wild coincidence, my pet barracuda also had a toothache.

Well, that was nearly two weeks ago: The antibiotic pills never showed up. There was nothing for it but to find a natural remedy. Y'know what?


Raw, uncooked, fresh garlic. Not powdered, not minced, not bottled, not pills, not cooked in a delicious Eye-talian sauce. You can chomp on the cloves directly, or put thin slices (not cooked) on buttered toast. Eat lots and lots and LOTS of garlic.

Sweartagod: I could feel my swollen face deflate like a punctured tire. This wasn't the placebo effect -- it was quite real. Within a day and a half, the abscess was entirely gone. Your experience may vary (and I'm certainly not telling you to ignore the advice of your doctor) -- but for me, garlic proved itself to be the superior antibiotic.

Moreover, garlic seems to be something close to a cure-all for my heart issues. To be honest, I had not felt very good since returning from the hospital -- in fact, there were days when I came that close to going to the emergency room. But now, after popping garlic in mega-doses, all of the lingering symptoms have disappeared. Extreme fatigue, extreme shortness of breath, light-headedness, chronic sore throat, palpitations, weird little pains: All gone. Gone.

I feel years younger.

That's why I've been gobbling up massive amounts of garlic every day. Of all the supplements which various people have recommended, nothing has worked like garlic. The effects were immediate and undeniable.

But there's one problem -- the usual garlic problem, the inescapable garlic problem: Nobody can stand to be around me.

(Or rather: People have an additional reason not to want to be around me).

If I open the bedroom window, families living two streets away know about it. Pretty soon, they will take up pitchforks, as in the finale of a Frankenstein movie. Even the dog doesn't want me to open my yap.

There seems to be no solution to this problem: Even the constant use of mouth rinses does little more than perfume the garlic.

Others in my position have come up with a novel idea: If everyone used garlic for health reasons, then nobody would mind the smell.

Thus, I hereby order everyone reading these words to eat lots of garlic, every day. Your lives will be longer and you will experience less pain.

No arguments. Rome has spoken. Eat your garlic.
igd sez:

Re:69% will not blah blah blah. One poll does not a law of nature make. Chomsky has polls that show 80% of the US voting populace favors single payer health care. Its all in how you ask the question. And for that matter, no reasonable person would charachterize Bernie as any farther left than a European type social democrat. Its just the Overton window has been dragged so far to the right by blatant theocrats and loony nationalist xenophobes that he gets this Bolshevik rap.
It's not just one poll. I've listed other evidence previously. A man who calls himself a socialist simply cannot win -- and it absolutely does not matter that he is not a "real" socialist, as these things are usually measured.

He can't win in the general, and anyone who says otherwise is either a naive fool or a Republican plant.

Incidentally, I defy you to prove that Chomsky said any such thing, or that any such poll is real. There was a time when support for single payer reached 50 percent. That time is not now. Most Americans consider Obamacare to be socialized medicine, and most Americans are now against Obamacare. At any rate, any discussion of of the matter is ridiculous. Socialized medicine WILL NOT HAPPEN. I wish it would, but it won't.

Wake up, idiot: REPUBLICANS CONTROL CONGRESS. They will continue to do so. More than that, they control the national debate on most issues. You Bernie supporters live in a stupid fantasy world in which all Republican opposition to King Bernie suddenly will disappear. That won't happen!
Automatic software updates are indeed very creepy. "Security update"?

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Security update

Security update who?

Don't be paranoid--routine security update formulated just for your profile. Gp back to sleep.

For tooth pain grind up your aspirin or tylenol or advil and put the powder RIGHT ON THE TOOTH. OH, what a relief it is!

Garlic is indeed wonderful. Cut the sharp points off and choke them down like a pill. Best if you bruise them first all over the surface with the back of your knife--that releases an enzyme that increases its effectiveness. Of course you still get the garlic skin odor and the garlic farts, but it does away with garlic breath. Don't give it to your dog, though. Very bad for dogs.

Just hope you don't end up with a pillow over your face because of the garlic.
igd sez:
Which would you rather have: The neocon/neolib agenda incompetently advanced by any of the Republicans or the same agenda semi-competantly advanced by Clintonova? She'll mouth all the soothing platitudes like Bill and Barry and quietly sell yer ass down the river. Is stupid ultimately worse than evil? And as to Congress, well nothing lasts forever. Trump will have at least as hard a time getting his agenda through the House Krazee Kaucus as Clintonova, especially since she's going to be selling them a lot of what they want. More astute observers than I have noted that Reagan couldn't get get welfare reform and NAFTA passed. It took some sellout blue dog sum'bitch (I forget the name) to put those before a supine Congress.
igd, that's the last one. Fairly warned be thee, says I. Although I'd dearly like to know what the GOP's going rate is for trolls these days. At any rate, I am gratified by your open admission that a vote for Bernie really IS a vote for The Donald. At least you were honest about that!

Anon, you should NOT swallow a whole clove like a pill. Good way to get a food bolus. Also, you need to release the goodness by cutting up the clove first:

As for security updates -- you are usually fine if you turn off the automatic updates. Run frequent scans with a battery of third-party anti-malware apps.
Well, since we are going down the home remedy path - my Gramma also recommended raw garlic cloves. I have always loved garlic, as has the whole family, so the smell was never an issue in house, but when going out in public try some fresh parsley as a 'mouthwash' to get rid of a little of the smell.

If you've eaten so much garlic it oozes through your pores the parsley may not be a full featured solution but it always seems to help me!

Oh, and for anything that the garlic doesn't cure - there is the hot pepper cure. Jalapeños, Serranos, or even hotter varieties if you can stomach them...eaten raw. repeat as necessary! :)

p.s., I am probably a very limited political demographic, but despite having voted in the past for Reagan, and Bush the 1st, I am horrified at the Republican camp...and equally so at Hillary. Thus, as it looks increasingly likely Bernie has a chance I am thus increasingly likely to vote for him.

Why? I think Bernie is the only honest pol in the running & he would do something about the encroaching Police State, as well as wealth-inequality-aka-welfare-for-Jamie-Dimon-and-his-ilk, the 2 issues that are increasingly clear to me are about all that matters if the US is to avoid the fate of Rome circa 450AD.

Then again, I am 100% NOT religious, so none of the Evangelical issues have ever played with me. Never will.

(and no, I am not being paid by the Kochs to be some kind of 'right wing astro turf faux for Bernie shill'. :)

Sanders is by no means perfect but compared to Clinton I'd take him in a pinch. Maybe he's duplicitous, maybe he's narcisistic, maybe he'll actual glee in foreign policy violence, but maybe not. With Clinton there's no hope for any hidden humanitarian depths or that her stance on things might change if given more power. The argument that Sanders can't win doesn't sway me at all, due to the fact that I'd rather have a Bush II, someone who the left and progressives would actively criticize, rather than Obama II and, "well yeah, we're still in a lot of wars but hey, gay (women's) rights!"

The very fact that there are no good candidates should be a sign that its better to have the worst win, in order to hammer home the fact that the system is hopelessly compromised. Rather than moderate tyranny and oppression of true democracy with no hope of change, better full tyranny and the possibility of a spark igniting somewhere.

Of course, people's memories are short and its easy to satiate them (Obama) but there is always the possibility that in one of those windows of frustrated and angry clamour for change that a truly charismatic leader or popular movement might emerge among the working class.
It's not just one poll. I've listed other evidence previously. A man who calls himself a socialist simply cannot win -- and it absolutely does not matter that he is not a "real" socialist, as these things are usually measured.

This weekend I began to wonder if you might be right. That Sanders could well be a trap to make a Republican electable.

What's easy to lose sight of is that the Democrats who follow the primaries are not all that representative of the general public. Everyone listening to themselves, thinking Sanders has a chance--bit of an echo chamber thing happening.


I am really confused about this saintly image Sanders is getting. He seemed as much a politician as the rest of them . Started by saying and then change as he go. I am a leftist since I was a teenager. Far left. The stuff he says I used to say decades ago. But he was in power for decades what did the lefty things he did all those years to put the wheels on revolution on place. He was in the most liberal state so he had the best audience to start. Let's start by the very basic and simple stuff of a lefty revolution non of that. Instead he continued his cushy job enjoying all perks and voting with his party. Waited till he is 74 to become Lenin. Well I know most of his followers are not very bright but at least they can read why don't we help them use that skill they have.
Was your abcess in the upper or lower jaw? If it was the upper you need to be very careful, infection can work it's way into the brain according to my dentist.

I used to use clove oil to relieve the pain, but you have to get it into the hole in the tooth, which can be difficult depending on where it is. It also numbs yer tongue a little.

They used to call garlic 'Russian penicillin'. Stay well, don't worry about the odor - you can just tell folks your'e warding off vampires.
I said it before. I'll say it again. If the GOP can slime a war hero like Kerry, imagine what they can do to a Vietnam CO draft dodger socialist of the Jewish persuasion. I'll vote for Sanders if he gets the nomination, but I know it would be for a lost cause, thanks to all the NeoNaderites out there who didn't put Al Gore in the White House.
Anon 6:12 am certainly is disparaging of Sanders supporters, and of Sanders himself. Some of Bernie's followers are bright enough to understand his message of 40 years has not wavered and have hope of a future that embraces his ideas, which are not pie-in-the-sky, but New Deal. He may not be able to win the primary or the general election, but he speaks for me more than anyone has since FDR. Since most of us can read I'm wondering just what information Anon. 6:12 am can suggest that will enable us to understand what he knows that we don't. Obviously my 8 years of university and 78 years here haven't been too helpful. Hope springs eternal.
Started the garlic regimen this morning. You think 4 or 5 cloves a day will help, or should I kick it up a bit? I'm a little concerned. My wife seems happy about it.
Nice post. I ned to up my garlic. But vinegar is a superior substance as well. Drink it or pour it in your toilet. i kid you not the porcelain will gleam!
How do you stop updates...MS shit is shove down your throat?
Control Panel
Windows Update
Change Settings
If the people who keep saying Bernie can't win would actually vote for him, he would win in a landslide.

Also, the "neonaderites" would vote for him as well if he wins the nomination since he has a similar platform to Nader's. The one real problem is his foreign policy, which differs very little from Clinton's. This does bother me greatly, but let's be realistic ANY of the candidates from either Dem or Repub parties want to change our current foreign policy? The answer is plainly no, except where they want to ramp up our military adventurism even more (mainly Republicans).
You're right about the garlic Joseph. There's a trick an elderly friend of mine used to use to get rid of the smell. He would peel a lot of garlic and pack it into a glass jar then pour honey in on top of it, close the jar and leave it for a week. After a week he poured off the honey and ate the now deodorised garlic. You might like to try it. He used it for blood pressure and it worked well.
honey garlic

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