Thursday, February 18, 2016


I've been busy on a project. In truth, I've been trying to get my draftsmanship chops back, and it ain't easy.

Briefly: I'd like to hear from my readers about the $5000-a-night call girl from Russia who is at the center of the new Eliot Spitzer scandal. Interesting story -- and it certainly has a funky odor: The fact that Svetlana changed her story sets off all sorts of alarms. Could this whole thing might be a set-up? Perhaps -- but if so, why? Spitzer hasn't exactly been on anyone's radar lately. His political career seems to be over, and I'm not sure that he can ever revive his television career.

I once had a long conversation with a former $3000-a-night escort. (No, not as a client. Actually, she wanted to hire me -- as a draftsman.) I probably should not say this, but -- in my estimation -- she was more attractive than Svetlana.

The lady with whom I spoke told me why a high-priced escort of her class can get away with charging ten times more than the average hooker. Beauty per se is not the deciding factor. The great secret: The four-figure escort never seems like a sure thing. "Always act as though you are on the verge of saying 'No,'" she told me. "Men don't want to hear 'No,' but they pay a lot for the possibility of that 'No.'"
I've been taking your recent posts as a reflection of your mental state. Your sudden interest in hookers is encouraging.
Not sure why I would comment on this but for reason someone in power hates him. Then again were does he get the $ to hire? Yes back in the day I knew a few of these wonderful ladies but it wasn't because I had $$$$$ or ? we just clicked. They were all really smart something that back in the day and still to this day I find very attractive.

Then again he did go against the powers of hillbillies friends on wall street?
fred, you're reading too much into it. Yes, fate once put me in Hamburger Hamlet booth with a beautiful lady from Hawaii who, in her previous line of work, had charged $3000 a night. But my ladyfriend was that booth as well!
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