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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Where's the barking?

Have you noticed? The hasbara sealions have gone silent. At one time, they would have barked up a storm throughout an online discussion like the one at the other end of that link.

They've stopped bothering me. They used to bark at me several times a day, but now they've stopped. I miss them. They were funny.

If you don't know what the term "sealioning" means, go here (scroll down) and then here. If you want to know more about the sub-specialty of hasbara sealioning, go here or check out the modified cartoon below:

Well the Zionists do just seem to have got the world's on-paper 'major' powers (ha ha) to serve as their military-intelligence subordinates against Iran, with the Iranian leadership saying oh what a wonderful agreement.

Funny how according to the propaganda of the US and its NATO "allies" it was "mutually assured destruction" which kept the "peace" during the "cold war" (sic), but where the Jewish state is concerned the line is that the shitty little country must monopolise the means to nuke its opponents to kingdom come without those opponents having any counter-means.

Still, even the Nazis didn't have a religion based on the Aryans having been specially "chosen" by the one god who created the world.

The lack of hasbara effort against posters to that thread at Reddit is strange. Distributed or no, the hasbara effort has always been under central command. The hasbara army won't just be stood down.

The big question is the same as with the Iran agreement: what's the next step?

We'll probably soon find out.
The Nazis did have such a religion, I think, although it was in its germinal phase and not really codified. I mean, the only Nazi "scripture" was "Mein Kampf," and I don't think many people took that book too seriously, even in Adolf's heyday.

I also don't think that many Jews take their own scripture too seriously. The paradox of Ben-Gurion is that he didn't believe in God yet he believed that God gave Israel to the Jews. Netanyahu seems to think the same way, and so do other Israelis with whom I've spoken. An Israeli who proudly announces that he or she is an atheist will balk at the suggestion that the homeland could have been established in any other part of the world (with friendlier borders and better resources and more acreage) because...well, it always comes down to the Bible, even to people who don't take the Bible seriously.

It's a crazy situation. But no crazier than the American doctrine of Manifest Destiny. And there was a lot of similar quasi-religious racism in play when it came to the English experience in Ireland. So I really think that what's happening in Israel right now is simply the current manifestation of a sin -- a kind of madness -- that has gripped many, many ethnic groups at one time or another.
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