Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Faux victimhood

Everyone who comes here regularly knows that I can't stand Alex Jones and his minions. But I'm starting to admire Paul Joseph Watson, the British fellow featured in the above video. Despite his association with the biggest blowhole in Texas, Watson occasionally says things that make sense.

Watson makes a lot of sense here.

These "walking" videos are bunk -- agit-prop pieces designed to create a sense of faux victimhood. Believe me, I get harassed when I walk through the rougher parts of Baltimore, a city where more parts are rough than smooth. Every time I leave the house, my great fear is the possibility of hearing these five words: "Hey! I'm TAWKIN ta you!"

(Please don't read racism into the previous paragraph. There are some terrific "mostly black" areas where I feel quite comfortable, while the worst incidents in my experience have occurred in "mostly white" Dundalk.)

As noted in the previous post, there is a campaign to convince Jews in Europe and America that they will be safe only if they move to Israel. Pure propaganda.
Presumably inspired by that feminist video where they got a model to walk up and down the same street in New York all day and filmed people wolf whistling her, as if it was the everyday experience of women everywhere.And feminists, of course, are the masters of faux victimhood.
Having a camera crew present makes anyone conspicuous and tends to bring out the "hey-fuck-you" attitude in some people. I was once harassed in the streets for wearing argyle socks, but it was my wife's fault.
Harassment is the everyday experience of women in many places, including NYC. They made the video because when a woman is walking with a man, they don't get harassed, so many men had no idea what women go through.
And I think the real masters of false victimhood are men's rights activists. Get back to us when women average the same salary as men.
Would it be that hard to identify how long the video is before we click on it. Sure we can figure it out after we click on it, but it messes with the videomaker's stats if people click and stop immediately because the video is longer than time they have to watch it.
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