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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Nazi coup in Ukraine?

Finian Cunningham, a writer previously unknown to me, has produced a fascinating look at the political forces at play in the new Ukrainian peace agreement. To the resentment of many, Petro Poroshenko, the chocolatier who became president, has made sure that his sweets remain widely available in largely-empty shops throughout Ukraine. And now he has one great fear: The enemy within.

Although his generals remain loyal, the fiercest fighting is done by the paramilitary groups. In previous posts, I've published pictures of these freaks: They're the ones who dig swastikas and SS runes. They don't like the way this war is going, and thus have been grumbling about the need for a coup. They consider Poroshenko and his comrades to be "parasite oligarchs" (a fairly reasonable description) and members of the "Jewish-Moscow Mafia" (which is far less reasonable).

Apparently, one reason why the war is going so poorly has to do with the threat from the paramilitary right. Poroshenko is so spooked by the "enemy within" that he has assigned the very best troops to protect him and his cronies. The less competent fighters go to the front.

And there hasn't been much in the way of competence. The Kiev forces are in disarray, beset by poor morale. Some of them have been sabotaging their own equipment. Even though the age for compulsory military service has been raised to 60 (!!), and even though deserters are shot on sight, the soldiers increasingly refuse to fight. To a large degree, the war has lost the support of the populace -- at least, that segment of the populace uninfected by the virus of fascism.

Is Poroshenko any kind of improvement on the Russia-friendly Yanukovych government, which was ousted in a made-in-America coup? Of course not. That coup plunged Ukraine into hell. What Obama has done to that country assures that his name will one day be written in blood in the great book of American infamy.

Let's hope that the peace holds.

And let's hope that the Nazis don't stage a coup of their own.
Yes, I've been expecting this, and wrote a piece in September - "Night of the Long Knives, Part Two". I believe the Kiev regime will have to go all "SS" on the "SA" to prevent a coup:
Yep, just read somewhere that Amerikas Nazis in the Ukraine aren't going pay attention some signed paper stopping the fighting. It would be interesting to know were their money and arms come from.
And the KGB (FSB/SVR) relationship with the Ukrainian Nazis?
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