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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Barbra conspiracy

Senator James Inhofe, the likely new chairperson for the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, believes that Barbra Streisand is the secret leader of the grand conspiracy to convince the world that global warming is real.

Ah yes! THE BARBRA CONSPIRACY! I warned you people all about it as far back as 2005!

But the situation is far more insidious than I originally understood. It turns out that Barbra herself is a victim and a practitioner of Illuminati mind control. And when it comes to controlling the minds of men, her primary weapons are, of course, her breasts.
Barbra Streisand was used in the same way as other Hollywood celebrities before and after her. Through my personal experience with Barbra Streisand, I believe she is under the control of many of the same persons I was. She was pre-programmed to deliver messages she couldn't even have known she was passing on to millions of people. She sang her songs and was given carefully selected, pre-chosen words that would serve to lock in or open up certain programming in other mind control victims.
As a teenager my cassette tapes and, as I grew older, my CD's of Barbra's songs, were well worn from endless listening, as the lyrics to her songs, coupled with my already intact program commands, continued to create my reality, whatever my controllers wanted it to be. Up until recently, my mother repeatedly listened to Barbra Steisand's songs. As a child I often had trouble getting my mother's attention because when she listened to the songs she became so fixated on the music that she was very far off somewhere in a programmed reality created by our controllers. She seemed very happy, almost euphoric. I've witnessed other survivors cling desperately to their Walkman delivering their programmed commands, while I'm trying to talk with them, due to their attempt to, as they've experienced, keep themselves "safe" by reinforcing their program "to forget."

When Barbra performed, which was rare, she was delivering a perfectly planned and orchestrated set of cryptic instructions to many of the people in attendance. She reached a wider audience, as mind-controlled victims bought the cassette tape or video of the performance and listened to it over and over and over again. Certain groups of mind-controlled people, like my mother and myself, were targeted for listening to her. Per program, we listened to her songs addictively and compulsively while following the command to reprogram ourselves by locking down the security of our own programming. Of course, Barbra herself is a victim and, from my observation, I am sure has no awareness that she is doing anything other than performing.

Barbra Streisand has extremely large breasts for her small body size. I've seen her naked at Bob Hope's parties and at other places. I was even involved in group sexual orgies where she was participating. And at other times, I was targeted to have sex with her one-on-one in order to deliver messages to her to keep her programming going or to instruct her on what to say at certain times. She is a mind-controlled robot. She did lots of cocaine at parties. She liked sex with women, and usually requested it. I was sent to her often.
The story goes on from there. This is first-hand evidence, people. What more proof could you possibly need? Obviously, Senator Inhofe must have attended one of Bob Hope's parties, where he caught sight of Barbra Streisand using her breasts to hypnotize people into becoming global warming believers.

I willingly submit :

This song alone got me to take my son to The Guilt Trip

Wow! The level of derangement is stunning. The fact we have many of these conspiracy nuts in office should scare the bejesus out of people [beyond those who elected them, of course].

Reading something like this is utterly depressing, makes me realize [once again] how twisted American politics has become. If you believe this rubbish, you can believe and sign onto anything.

The Dark Ages are upon us.

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