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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

At last...GOOD news

Twin Peaks is coming back! Nine brand-new episodes! Each and every one will be directed by David Lynch!

Okay, I'm gushing. But how often do I geek out about pop cultural matters? I'm the world's most devoted fan of Fire Walk With Me -- and yes, I've seen the new Missing Pieces presentation. The new footage is fascinating, but I would not want to see most of it edited into the actual feature (as some fans have attempted to do). 

By the way: Kyle MacLachlan is coming back as Dale Cooper. But he'll be evil this time, since the good Dale is trapped in the lodge. It was established in the original series that he dies twenty-five years after the events that brought Cooper to Twin Peaks, and that he killed Annie (Heather Graham), his first wife. I suspect that he will have married Audrey Horne in order to take control of her father's business. (And who, I wonder, will play Donna?)

Did I ever tell you guys about the weird quasi-prophetic dream I had about this series back in 1972?
I'm the world's most devoted fan of Fire Walk With Me

I think Dr. Mrs. Propertius would give you a run for your money.
Well, I never thought I'd see another living person endorse one of my favorite movies: Fire Walk With Me.
Bob, that film has quite a following these days. I'd even go so far as to say that the cult surrounding that film is not really the same as the cult surrounding the TV series.

Doesn't Sheryl Lee give the greatest performance ever?

Something similar could be said of Laura Dern's performance in "Inland Empire" and Naomi Watts in "Mulholland Drive."
We re-watched DVDs of the original Twin Peaks a couple of months ago when there was "nothing on TV" (as usual). I enjoyed it. Haven't seen "Fire Walk with Me".

I wouldn't put TP in my all time favourite list though. It was weird and quirkier than most others but quirky only goes so far, for so long, then becomes formulaic.

Ray Wise as Leland most attracted my attention, but he'll not be in the new series - dead, unless resurrected. nothing would surprise me!
I wonder if Log Lady will be back?
Twilight, as I said, FWWM is kind of on a different wavelength. It's really a story of an abused girl with what was then called multiple personality disorder and is now called dissociative identity disorder.
Somehow, Mulholland Drive snuck by me until last year when I saw it. Terrific movie-- the only one I've seen Laura Dern in that I really enjoyed, though I did love Blue Velvet. (Dern's fly-catching "awe" expression from Jurassic Park haunts even my waking nightmares.) And yes, Lee did a magnificent job, probably the best she's ever done.

Rooting for the Log Lady.
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