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Friday, September 13, 2013

Syria: This may be explosive

I'm working on a major story concerning the claim that Bashar Assad bears responsibility for the rocket attacks in Ghouta. I'm waiting to publish what I have found because I hope to get a response from Human Rights Watch. If they can find an error in my argument, I will 'fess up to my readers. If HRW was the one who made the error...

Well. This could be major. All pundits are now citing that HRW report as proof that Assad is guilty.

In the meantime, consider this story and this story. The latter link goes to an article which tells the tale of a Belgian and an Italian captured by the rebels. Now freed, the Belgian says that the rebels themselves confirmed that Assad was not the one who launched the attacks.
"It wasn't the government of Bashar al-Assad that used sarin gas or any other gas in Ghouta," Piccinin told Belgian RTL radio after he was released.

"We are sure about this because we overheard a conversation between rebels. It pains me to say it because I've been a fierce supporter of the Free Syrian Army in its rightful fight for democracy since 2012," Piccinin added.
The Italian goes further:
Quirico said he listened to a Skype conversation between three individuals, whose names he could not confirm. One identified himself as a Free Syrian Army general.

The three contended that insurgents had used gas in Ghouta to trigger Western intervention.
The witness emphasized that he did not have confirmation.
Joseph; But, but, but.....The Israeli intercept....Kerry's conviction wrt to Assad.....shall I go on?

What about the story that the two "missles" allegedly launched by Israel in the eastern Mediterranean about 10 days ago were actually launched by the US from Spain; story goes that the missles were headed for Syria until they were intercepted by the Russians and shot down. Story's out there on the intertubes. Sez that the US forced the Israelis to fess up to something they didn't do to cover Obama's posterior. Anyone in the US forces crazy enough to pull a stunt like that? Word is that's why the UK dropped out right at the start. Somebody wants a war in the eastern Med real bad, if any of this is true.
Nice catch there Amigo.
Strange. An idiot like me can see which cow ate the cabbage. Meanwhile, big names with big brains go on TV and spout Happy Horseshit.
I repeat, W Clarke laid out their game plan years ago; the only question was how they would sell their snake oil wars to the US public and the world.

Russia rebuilds its position on the world stage. They sent warships towards the eastern Mediterranean, and the west backed down.

Unfortunately, when government leaders from the US and Russia meet in Geneva to agree a "chemical weapons deal", their own huge stocks are kept well away from the table.
HRW seems to be yet another NGO propaganda arm of the CIA
You want a smoking gun? These documents appear to be real:
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