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Monday, January 14, 2013

Okay, this is weird...

For a long time, we've known that George W. Bush took "French leave" of the Texas Air National Guard in 1972, ostensibly to work on the Senate campaign of Winton "Red" Blount. This site claims that Dubya's true purpose was to spy on the campaign of George Wallace, who mounted a serious threat -- from the right -- to Nixon's re-election bid. Those of you old enough to recall that year will know that, although Wallace had no chance at victory as a third-party candidate, he did threaten to split the conservative vote in states Nixon needed.

Supposedly, the evidence for the "Dubya as spy" allegation comes from documents compiled by a man named Seymore Trammell, who was Wallace's campaign director.
Local conversations in and around Montgomery were that Bush Jr. spent his time dating local women and hanging out at the Wallace political gatherings.

To the casual observer, the young Bush presented himself as a pilot interested in local politics and a good time party guy. This was very common in Montgomery at that time.

Those who encountered Bush in Alabama remember him as an affable social drinker who acted younger than his 26 years. Sources say he also tended to show up late every day, around noon or one, at Blount’s campaign headquarters in Montgomery.
It was John N. Mitchell, after being betrayed by Nixon, who confessed to Trammell, how Nixon had dispatched his ‘assassination team’ by orchestrating a near fatal auto crash in Oct. of 1971; Mitchell also confirmed “W” being dispatched as a political spy for daddy Bush and President Richard Nixon.

Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes to H.R. Haldeman refers on page 3 to an apparent plan to infiltrate George Wallace’s 1972 presidential campaign.
Don't expect to see this matter discussed on Fox News anytime soon. The image to your left comes from the Ailes memo referenced above. (It was written on November 25, 1970.)

I have no doubt that the Wallace campaign was indeed "spooked" by the Trickster's team -- but is there any truth to the claim that Dubya was the infiltrator? Ya got me!

The site also asserts that Nixonian forces not only engineered the assassination attempt on Wallace but also tried to kill Trammell.
Widely reported discrepancies, emerging at the time of the investigation, including the fact that Bremer’s finger and palm prints were not found on the gun, although he is shown on film without gloves, and, the bullets that entered Wallace showed trajectories from above and behind, in spite of Bremer firing all four shots from directly in front of Wallace.

The entire scene was captured by a CBS News camera crew, purportedly on a tip from the CIA to “be there that day.” The bullets struck three witnesses, two were removed and recovered, however, the bullets were so damaged that not one of them could be linked to Bremer’s gun.

Maryland police originally sent out a wanted message for a second man believed to be involved in the shooting, but later retracted it and said it was a mistake.
Let me be clear: I know nothing about the reliability of this site. My wariness stems from the fact that, in recent times, we have been inundated with disinformation about the assassinations which once figured so heavily in American political life.

For what it is worth, Wallace privately told inquirers that he thought Nixon ordered the hit. Wallace even suggested to a Los Angeles Times reporter that G. Gordon Liddy had met with Arthur Bremer.
Fascinating bit of context to flesh out the criminal mastermind, Dick Nixon.

Hard to believe Daddy Bush would trust his atavistic Idiot Bastard Son to do anything except drink himself into a coma. One last chance to prove his link with Prescott?

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