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Friday, November 02, 2012

The non-human victims of Sandy

The Humane Society is taking on the difficult task of rescuing the non-human victims of the great hurricane. This page depicts a number of the animals; one of them is a dog who looks remarkably like my fearsome hell-hound Bella (on the rare occasions when Bella consents to a grooming session).

I know that most of my readers feel strapped for cash now. Many of you have donated an uncomfortable amount to political campaigns, while others are facing unemployment. But if you can, consider the good work done by the Humane Society.
Yeah...The forgotten ones!

BTW....I also have a "Havanese." Love the breed!
RD -- best breed ever! Hey, if you send in a shot of your pooch, we can compare Hell-Hounds.
Your right about them being the best breed.

Will send you a few pictures soon via e-mail
I have more time than money so I'm currently volunteering in a Trap-Neuter-Release program for feral cats in my little Delaware town. The Delaware SPCA is making it doable.

So, yeah, wherever you live, gib dem sum money if you can.

We are discussing the possibilities of a similar campaign directed at the local oversexed teenagers, but the legal issues seem overly complicated.
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